Sean Feucht sings in Alabama to demand religious freedom

NOTICIACRISTIANA.COM.- The Christian singer, Sean Feucht, arrived in Alabama to fulfill a concert tour that seeks to bring worship to the Lord and protest for religious freedom.

The event has the name of “Let Us Worship” and was held at Veternas Park, Birmingham, Alabama.

According to the report of CBN News, thousands of people gathered at the worship concert. These people would come from 10 states just to worship at “Let Us Worship.”


At the event, the people showed all their faith, some were on their knees before the Lord while praying.

“These moments are the only hope for the United States.” “This is the only answer for the world!” Sean Feucht wrote in a post.

The “Let Us Worship” concert series has been held since the summer of last year to bring joy and worship while protesting religious freedom.

The public events in which Feucht participates tend to attract many people, on some occasions they have been revised since there are those who do not follow the biosecurity measures.

Feucht responded to those who say that these events spread Covid-19: “I think this is the forty-third city we have been in and there is really no data to support that claim that these events have been a great spread.”

The next concert will be held at The Grounds headquarters in Mobile, Alabama.

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