Search for Missing Youth in South Florida – NBC Miami (51)

A South Florida family is desperately searching for a young man who went missing several days ago in Homestead.

Today marks five days since Juan Pérez last saw his nephew, Francisco Rodríguez Pérez. According to his relatives, the young man suffers from a mental illness.

Desperate, Pérez contacted Telemundo 51 on Sunday because he has been looking for him for days without success.

“We were coming back from work. He was quiet and I told him I’ll take you to the doctor,” Pérez said.

At that moment, the young man got out of the truck and ran away when his uncle told him that he would take him to the hospital.

Juan has been taking care of his sister’s son for about 8 months, when he moved to Florida from Georgia and tells us that he is undocumented and that they both work in construction.

The family has already made a report to the police, who are investigating the case.

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