“Secret Santa” from hate to love

The closer the New Year, the more appropriate film premieres on the big screens of Khabarovsk. And this week, the South Koreans’ long-standing desire to take revenge on Japanese war criminals for what they did during the Second World War, espionage passions and the love of a nurse for a disabled guy are pouring into the cinema this week. Everything in order in the traditional review of new cinema on Thursdays from the Khabarovsk Territory Today news agency.

“Secret Santa”, 12+, duration – 80 minutes.

Comedy, Russia, dir.: Alexander Babaev.

The approach of the New Year is reminded not only by already decorated Christmas trees near shopping centers and preparations in city squares, but also by large screens. A week ago, the show of the next part of “Yolok” started. This Thursday, the premiere of the cute domestic comedy “Secret Santa” with the star of “Real Boys” Zoya Berber in the title role. She plays Svetlana, who has been working for Maxim’s company for many years. However, there is real hatred between them, and the boss cannot fire Svetlana. She is a very valuable employee. Meanwhile, Sveta still intends to arrange her personal life. She organizes a romantic celebration of the New Year for two to her colleague Stas, who is not indifferent to her. To get the invitation to the right place, she persuades the organizer of the Secret Santa game. But something goes wrong, and it’s not Stas who arrives for a romantic evening in a country estate, but the boss Maxim, hated by Svetlana …

“On the exhale”, 16+, duration – 102 min.

Drama, Russia, dir.: Rinat Makhmudov.

This is the debut work of VGIK graduate Rinat Makhmudov. And, as critics who visited the pre-premiere show note, this first pancake did not come out lumpy. It turned out to be a very sincere picture, saturated with love for the characters. What is it about? The main character Sasha, who graduated from the orphanage, has difficulty social adaptation, she perceives the world as a hostile environment. Since childhood, the girl is used to defending her right to life and solving problems through fights – she spends all her free time in the basement in the ring for fights without rules. Despite the fighting character and hobbies, in the depths of his soul Sasha dreams of exactly the opposite: not to cripple people, but to heal them. But there is no money for studying in medical school, and they don’t take you to the hospital without education. Fate brings her to a disabled teenager, Kolya, whose mother is torn between her son, work at a fish factory and a police boyfriend and is trying to find a nurse for her son. This meeting radically changes the lives of all the heroes.

“Shadow. Take Gordey”, 12+, duration – 90 min.

Thriller, Russia, dir.: Ilya Kulikov, Anya Mirokhina.

And another domestic premiere this week. He is an elusive spy who goes through the reports like “Gordey”. He is a real shadow, a man with many faces that no one has ever seen. Catching the traitor Gordey is the main goal of Russian counterintelligence, because this mysterious man is elusive and steals state secrets. When information appears that Gordey is operating in Moscow right now and the national security of the country is under threat, a young counterintelligence officer Vadim comes on his trail. The stakes in the spy game are increasing every day, the main one is to catch Gordey before it’s too late, or die…

The trailer for the movie can be seen here

“Remember”, 18+, duration – 128 min.

Drama, South Korea, dir.: Lee Il-hyun.

Names are tattooed on the fingers of an 80-year-old man with Alzheimer’s disease. These are the names of people whom he considers guilty of the death of his family during the Japanese occupation. Together with a young partner, he goes on a journey, the purpose of which is to kill the guilty one by one.

“Big Gold Bar”, 16+, duration – 132 min.

Comedy, USA, dir.: Brian Pitsos.

Samuel Liston is the protagonist of the black comedy film Big Gold Bar. He is an aspiring writer. One day, he receives an offer from forty-year-old Floyd Devereaux, who is a very mysterious person and the father of two children. He wants Liston to act as the author of his future biography. Samuel decides to take the job, but writing a book soon becomes a real mess…

Movie trailer available here

“The Adventures of Teddy”, 6+, duration – 80 min.

Family Film, Norway, dir.: Andrea Eckerbom.

And in conclusion, again about the upcoming winter holidays. A good Norwegian film for family viewing is coming out on the screens. It is based on the classic of Scandinavian children’s literature, Alf Preussen, who created the image of a Teddy bear. What is this tape about? At the Christmas market, Marianne notices a toy come to life – Teddy’s teddy bear. This is what she dreamed of all her life! However, the bear cub wins another: now Teddy and his new best friend, Ball the hedgehog, will go on a New Year’s adventure full of adventures to return to the girl.

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