Secretary of Benedict XVI: Courageous Catholic Journalists Like Mother Angelica

The personal secretary of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and Prefect of the Pontifical Household, Archbishop Georg Gänswein, encouraged Catholic journalists to act with the courage of EWTN’s founder, Mother Angelica.

By celebrating Holy Mass on January 4 in St. Peter’s Basilica, Bishop Gänswein also encouraged those working in the Catholic media to convey “the essence of the Christian message” in the spirit of the Renaissance artist Michelangelo.

In doing so, imitate Mother Angelica and Michelangelo. Be brave like Mother Angelica! And look for the stars like Michelangelo ”, said the Prelate.

Mother Angelica began broadcasting from a converted garage in Birmingham, Alabama, United States, in 1981. By the time of her death in 2016, EWTN had become the world’s largest religious media network.

The Mass, which was attended by EWTN workers, took place in the Chapel of Mercy, which houses Michelangelo’s famous sculpture of the Virgin Mary welcoming Jesus Christ in her arms after the crucifixion. The artist carved the image in Carrara marble between 1498 and 1499.

Referring to Pieta, Bishop Gänswein pointed out that “the creative act of the sculptor is the elimination of all that is unnecessary, as we see here. In this respect, sculptors are particularly similar to God, who often only takes away what is unnecessary to create something new.

“Michelangelo also removed everything superfluous from the Carrara marble block, in which this sculpture was hidden for millions of years. In this sense, this wonder just had to be released. It was, so to speak, the invisible essence in this block of raw marble that Michelangelo recognized and exhibited with his genius ”, he highlighted.

Archbishop Gänswein urged Catholic journalists to imitate Michelangelo’s approach to sculpture by omitting “everything unnecessary in their reports that are shared by all media” and encouraged to continue “reaching the essence of the Christian message.”

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“Because in all the news on Earth, about all the tragedies, catastrophes, wars or pandemics, the most important essence is always the good news of the Incarnation of God in Jesus Christ,” he added.

The Prelate asked never to stop transmitting this message “about anything and to expose the beauty of this news to the best of your ability.”

Translated and adapted by Harumi Suzuki. Originally posted on CNA.

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