Semi-accidents in Alaska, fueling thousands in the process

  • A semi-truck carrying tens of thousands of pounds of food ended up in a ditch in Alaska.
  • The food was still collectable, but the stores that had to take delivery could no longer accept it.
  • Thanks to the manual labor of the towing company that collected the truck, a public kitchen in Anchorage was able to receive food and feed countless individuals and families.

Like every other place on the planet, Anchorage, Alaska is facing the hardships brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. Many people are out of work, and as funds run out, public food centers (or ‘soup kitchens’, if you’re old school), have faced increased stress on their sometimes meager supplies. .

For Bean’s Cafe And Children’s Lunchbox, a food court in Anchorage, some foods – especially produce – were very low. Then some sort of modern miracle happened, and it started with a semi-truck slipping off the road. The accident did not injure anybody, but it did manage to feed a large number of people in need.

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As KTUU reports, the semi-crushed was filled with tens of thousands of pounds of food, including a huge amount of fresh fruits and vegetables. Much of the food was still quite correct after the accident, but the receiving company deemed it unfit for sale. Vulcan Towing, the company tasked with retrieving the vehicle from the ditch, ended up with nearly 40,000 pounds of food that needed a home.

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More than a dozen tow company employees worked through the night to retrieve the food, and through a connection with Bean’s Cafe, they managed to find a place where it could be put to good use. The meal center is reportedly providing regular meals to nearly 1,000 people, and with the holiday crisis and pandemic making life more difficult than ever, the center needed donations.

40,000 pounds of fresh food is about the biggest donation you can ask for, and Bean’s Cafe was incredibly grateful for the help. “We were pretty much running out of fresh produce,” said Lisa Saunder, CEO of Bean’s Cafe KTUU. “At this time of year, fresh produce is harder and harder to come by, so getting that gift of produce that we can get right away for meals… it’s going to help so many people. It really is a bit of a Christmas miracle. “

The fact that the accident resulted in no injuries and ultimately fed a lot of people in a time of great need is definitely a story of well-being for just about everyone. The lone individual who may not have been thrilled with the way things turned out is the driver of the truck, but he or she can at least take comfort in the fact that the accident had a happy ending.


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