Semiconductor supply shortage, possibility to continue for several years = US Intel CEO | Reuters

On May 31, Pat Gelsinger, CEO of Intel, a major US semiconductor company, said it could take years to resolve the global semiconductor shortage affecting car and consumer electronics production. He expressed the view that there is sex. The photo was taken in Hannover, Germany in March 2017 (2021 Reuters / Fabian Bimmer)

[Taipei 31st Reuters]–Patrick Gelsinger, CEO of Intel, a major US semiconductor company, said on the 31st that the global semiconductor shortage affecting the production of automobiles and home appliances will not be resolved. He said it could take several years.

He said at Computex, an international computer-related trade fair in Taipei, which opened online on the 31st.

Gersinger said that the pandemic of the new coronavirus infection caused the spread of telecommuting and online learning to bring about an “explosive growth cycle of semiconductors” in the global supply chain. Pointed out that it puts a heavy burden.

“Although the industry is taking steps to address short-term constraints, it may still take years for the ecosystem to eliminate foundry capacity, substrate and component shortages,” he said. ..

In an interview with the Washington Post in April, Gelsinger said it would take several years to solve the semiconductor shortage. It also told Reuters that it plans to start production within 6-9 months to address the semiconductor shortage problem at the US automobile plant.

In March, Intel announced that it would invest $ 20 billion to expand its production capacity to open two new plants in Arizona and also handle contract manufacturing of semiconductors. It will compete with Asian rivals such as Taiwan Stacked Cable Manufacturing (TSMC), the world’s largest semiconductor contract manufacturer, and Samsung Electronics of South Korea.

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