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Senator Dina Oyun congratulated fellow countrymen on March 8Senator of the Russian Federation, representative of the legislative body of Tuva Dina Oyun congratulated the representatives of the beautiful half of the republic on the holiday of March 8. “Dear women! Mothers and grandmothers, sisters and daughters!

I heartily congratulate you on International Women’s Day!

On this spring sunny day, let joy and love fill your hearts! – the senator says in his congratulations. – The women of Tuva are beautiful and graceful, wise and patient, harmonious and sensitive. You always with dignity overcame the difficulties of life in a harsh climate, were not afraid of work, raised children and maintained a home.

May the coming spring bring peace, happiness and blessings to your families, may warmth, comfort and tranquility always be in your homes. May all your dreams come true!

Health and well-being to you and your loved ones!”

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2) 14.03.2022: 80 years since the birth of the famous Tuvan poet, writer and playwright Vladimir Sedipovich Seren-ool (1942-1994) (Tuva)

3) 25.03.2022: 104 years since the birth of Vasily Lukyanovich Poleshchuk (1918-1952), Hero of the Soviet Union Vasily Lukyanovich Poleshchuk (1918-1952), commander of a platoon of the 326th Infantry Regiment, who held the defense of the heights in the Podporozhye district of the Leningrad Region for three days, was buried in Kyzyl (Red, Tuva)

4) 29.03.2022: 60 years since the birth of the famous master of throat singing of the Folk khoomeizhi of the Republic of Tyva Kongar-ool Borisovich Ondar (1962-2013) (Tuva)

5) 01.04.2022: Bird day. (Tuva, Russia.)

6) 08.04.2022: Birthday of the Honored Art Worker of the Republic of Tatarstan, artistic director of the Tuva National Theater of Music and Dance “Sayany” Ayana Samyyaevna Mongush. (Red, Tuva.)

7) 14.04.2022: Birthday of Robert Alexandrovich Kunzek, martial arts coach at the Sports School, head of the Wushu Federation in Tuva (Red, Tuva)

8) 05.05.2022: Birthday of the Honored Artist of the Republic of Tyva Leida Ernstovna Aldyn-ool, teacher of the Republican School of Arts (Red, Tuva)

9) 05.05.2022: Birthday of the People’s Artist of the Republic of Tyva Stanislav Nikolaevich Iril (Red, Tuva)

10) 06.05.2022: 115 years since the birth of the hero of the Great Patriotic War, military pilot Nikolai Frantsevich Gastello (1907-1941), whose name is the National Park of Tuva (Red, Tuva)

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