Sentenced to 10 years in prison, he attacks British police for destroying his Ferrari 458 Spider

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The 35-year-old criminal from the United Kingdom is living the dream life in Dubai, far from the problems that concern him. And yet this exile is expected to be in jail right now, serving his 10-year sentence for tax evasion, and many other scams.

However, the Dubai extradition policy is very complicated and he plays on it. Worse yet, he takes the opportunity to sue the West Midlands police. The reason ? His superb Ferrari 458 Spider was destroyed in 2018 after it was seized by law enforcement.

Here is the video, but we warn you, it hurts your heart.

A procedure that could cost him dearly

Perhaps his nerve will turn against him. Indeed, according to the law in force in the United Kingdom, the police were in their right vis-a-vis the owner of the Ferrari.

It was in 2017 that the latter was seized. As he parks on a sidewalk near Birmingham Square, law enforcement retrieves the vehicle. Bingo, the car is not insured and it is no longer roadworthy after serious damage. The decision to destroy it is therefore taken very quickly.

Faced with all this, the criminal had appealed at the time, which had been rejected. Since then, his conviction has become official and the Ferrari issue has been put in the background.

Only here, a few years later, he is back with a formal notice from the police. And the latter will surely cost him dearly. Indeed with this legal remedy, the British authorities now know exactly where the exile is in Dubai. Extradition could therefore be requested.

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Finally, needless to say that this lawsuit has very little chance of being won by the owner of the Ferrari.

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