Sentenced to 16 years imprisonment

Ein court in the US has one of the two masterminds behind the planned kidnapping Sentenced to 16 years in prison by US Governor Gretchen Whitmer. The sentence is well below the life sentence demanded by the public prosecutor, as the Washington Post and other US media reported unanimously on Tuesday. But it is the highest penalty that has been imposed in the case so far.

The 39-year-old was found guilty in August of planning the kidnapping of Whitmer and considering using a bomb. This should put the politician’s security staff out of action.

Plans to kidnap Democrat Whitmer, the Michigan state governor who was re-elected in November, came to light in 2020 after FBI investigators became aware of discussions by a certain group on social media about the “violent overthrow of certain components of government and law enforcement.” were.

In mid-December, three other men had already been sentenced to 12, 10 and seven years in prison in connection with the plot.

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