Sentenced to 16 years in jail for attempting to kidnap Democratic Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer


Adam Fox, one of the six accused of the attempted kidnapping in 2020 of the Democratic governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer, has been sentenced to 16 years in prison, thus becoming the third to go to prison for these events.

Fox, 39, has been sentenced on Tuesday to spend the next 16 years behind bars and not to life imprisonment as requested by prosecutors, after federal judge Robert Jonker questioned whether he was a “natural leader” in all this plot, as argued by the prosecution.

“I do not believe that life imprisonment is necessary to achieve the important factor of public deterrence” that the verdict supposes, has explained Judge Jonker, who has assured that he has found no evidence that makes him believe that Fox is the type of person he could follow a group instinctively.

Meanwhile, the prosecution has insisted that Fox was seeking “a second Civil War, or a revolution” and that he will remain a dangerous, even “more radicalized” man when he is released from prison, reports NBC.

Fox is the third person to go to jail for these events after Kaleb Franks and Ty Garbin, although with sentences of between two and four years. They were part of a far-right militia that called itself the Wolverine Watchmen and which also included two other people who were eventually acquitted.

The sixth in contention is Barry Croft Jr, who is expected to know his sentence this Wednesday. Both he and Fox were considered the ringleaders of this plot. According to the investigation, these men were unhappy with the measures and restrictions that the governor imposed to stop COVID-19, so they decided to orchestrate their kidnapping.

The case dates back to early 2020, when Army veteran Dan Chappel joined this group, but was alarmed by the intentions of the rest, who even spoke of killing several police officers. Since then, he has become an informant for the FBI and was a key witness in the trial against these people.

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