Sergey Kravchuk: Let faith, hope and love enter every home together with the chimes!

Dear Khabarovsk residents! With all my heart I wish you a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

Seeing off the outgoing year, we traditionally remember its brightest and most significant events that will remain in history under the heading “2020”. For Khabarovsk, as well as for the whole world, it passed under the sign of the COVID-19 pandemic. The professional and human feat of our doctors and volunteers, all the caring Khabarovsk residents is the main thing that we will keep in memory of the past 12 months. Let us also remember how we had to use all the intellectual, financial and human potential in the city in order to protect the health of citizens and prevent the collapse of the economy.

According to preliminary estimates, the damage caused to the city treasury by the pandemic exceeded one billion rubles. The coronavirus has unsettled small and medium-sized businesses – one of the main economic segments, providing more than a third of city tax revenues and employment for thousands of citizens. Together with entrepreneurs, we developed 15 municipal support tools that allowed businesses to stay afloat.

To give in to difficulties is not about Khabarovsk residents. Despite COVID-19 and the flood on the Amur, which we also had to fight, the city continues to develop and build. Residential complexes are growing – this year they were built by 3% more than last year. As part of the Housing for Young Families subprogram, 196 Khabarovsk couples improved their living conditions. A new ultra-modern lyceum has been built in the Volochaevsky town microdistrict. Four kindergartens have been commissioned, three built from scratch and one after major reconstruction. 5 public gardens have been improved. Due to the municipal grant support, 100 Khabarovsk households were transformed. Skate parks and school stadiums – also included in 2020.

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Long-awaited clean drinking water came to the apartments of residents of the Krasnaya Rechka microdistrict through a new water pipeline, and gas came to almost three hundred houses of the private sector of the Fifth Site and Nagornaya Street. Thanks to the national project “Safe and High-Quality Roads”, we have repaired 56 sections of the Khabarovsk street-road networks with a total length of more than 46 kilometers, they reconstructed Krasnorechenskaya Street and overhauled the highway along Shelesta Street. All these successes and achievements are based only on the hard work of Khabarovsk residents, their solidarity and openness to change. Thank you for that!

The coming year promises to be challenging. Many problems have accumulated, and we have to solve them together. Despite the difficulties, the city budget will remain socially oriented in the coming 2021. As before, the main expenses will be directed to support and development of education, culture, physical culture and sports, social work with the population. In the new year, we will definitely continue to work to improve the quality of life of the townspeople in our beloved Khabarovsk. We will create a comfortable environment in it, build housing, new schools and kindergartens, put roads in order, support local manufacturers and businesses. With the assistance of the government of the Khabarovsk Territory, we plan to start implementing such large-scale projects as the creation of the Khekhtsir ski complex, the construction of the TM-35 heating main, which is vital for the development of the Orekhovaya Sopka microdistrict.

Dear fellow countrymen!

The new year 2021 is already on the doorstep. Let faith, hope and love enter every Khabarovsk house and family together with the chimes. Let the light of the Christmas star illuminate your path to goodness and mercy.

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I sincerely wish you all happiness, joy, success and prosperity. I am sure we will succeed if we work together for the good of our native Khabarovsk.

Happy Holidays!

Mayor of the city of Khabarovsk S. A. Kravchuk.

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