Series recalls expeditions made by mountaineers in the last 20 years

The mountaineers are in mourning after the government of Pakistan reported that the search for the Chilean Juan Pablo Mohr and his two missing companions no longer have a life expectancy.

The mission that was focused on finding the climbers on the K2, second highest mountain in the world at 8,611 meters above sea level, today its purpose is to find the bodies of athletes.

In this context, the cultural sign of 13 wants to remember “The road is the goal”, conversation series, where the journalist Francisco Mouat together with Rodrigo Jordán, recall the expeditions carried out by mountaineers in the last 20 years.

With a total of 11 chapters, This audiovisual archive is accompanied by one of the protagonists of each expedition in all the episodes, adding a new look to the adventures of mountain lovers.

The series begins with the story of a group of students from the Catholic University who were led in 1982 by experienced mountaineer Claudio Lucero, to climb to the top of the highest mountain in North America, located in Alaska: Denali, or also known as Mount McKinley.

Everest 1986, K2 1996, Everest 1992, Africa 1997, Lhgtse 2006, Everest 2004, Antarctica 2002, Greenland 2008, Antarctica 2008 and Everest 2012, are part of the following episodes where some of the mountaineering adventures national.

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