“Serious” Accident Closes Roads, Records Delays on I-95 – NBC Los Angeles

A spectacular fatal accident caused long morning rush hour delays on I-95 and Route 202 in Delaware Tuesday morning.

The incident was preliminarily reported to have occurred at 6:30 am just where Interstate 95 merges with Concord Pike (Route 202) in New Castle County.

Here’s what we know from the research:

  • A pickup truck collided with a vehicle or cargo equipment stationed on the road for construction work.
  • The incident closed for several hours, as the investigation and debris removal work was carried out, highways I-95 and Route 202 in the southbound direction.
  • It was not reported what caused the accident nor were the victims identified.

Police said drivers should prepare for delays in the area. The use of alternate routes such as Route 13 was recommended.

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