Seriously! The young man joked about the clip and licked an ice cream and didn’t buy it. Piercing – Punished for bad news

The clip pierces, prompting someone to lick an ice cream, don’t buy it. According to supermarkets and stores, this is a crime punishable by up to 2 years in prison.

Taking prank clips is another trend that is very popular on social media today. But sometimes that doesn’t make sense in some people’s humorous sense. Anderson has been jailed for two years for opening up a 24-year-old Kager killer in Arizona, USA, licking ice cream and opening the lid.

It is one of the mornings the police are on trial. Andison received a fine of $ 10,000 or $ 30,000 and a fine of $ 1,565, or $ 47,000, for violating Andison’s Level 1 Crime Act. “Prohibit anyone from using or dirtying things with bodily fluids or things that humans cannot eat from entering water, food or drinking water.

The senator from Arizona came out to interview him “Mr. Andison’s actions cause many to worry about hygiene. Consumer Product Safety If someone suffers from ice cream contamination, they will have to pay more to clean the facility. I will comply with this law to give Arizona residents more confidence in food and beverage safety. “


“Student. Professional coffee fanatic. Evil ninja from pop culture. Addicted to television. Pioneer of alcohol ”.

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