Seven people died as a result of a series of tornadoes in US Alabama

At least seven people were killed in a series of tornadoes in the US state of Alabama. In the southeast of the state, the strongest hurricanes and more than 20 tornadoes were recorded.

Five victims are in Otoga County. About 20 houses were damaged or completely destroyed there.

Otoga is just east of Dallas County, where a huge tornado tore through the city of Selma on Thursday afternoon. The tornado likely covered at least 80 kilometers, causing damage in total to seven counties of the state.

Brick buildings collapsed in Selma, cars were blown to the side of the road, and road poles and trees were knocked down in the city center.

Selma Mayor James Perkins said no deaths have been reported so far, but first responders continue to assess damage.

[Джеймс Перкинс, мэр Сельмы]:
“God kept us. We escaped a big disaster. Everything could be much worse. Today, outlying communities have been affected in this state and many in the southeast. I just want everyone to know that we care about every community.”

At the same time, at least 12 people were seriously injured, so rescuers took them to hospitals.

Meanwhile, the storm system has moved to the eastern United States. The Met Office has already declared a state of emergency in several counties north of Alabama’s capital city of Montgomery.
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