Seven-year-old girl dies after being attacked by a dog owned by a Hispanic

BATON ROUGE, Louisiana (Telemundo Atlanta) – A girl died as a result of an attack by a dog owned by a person of Latino origin, who did not contain the animal properly, authorities said.

According to the East Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Township Sheriff’s Office, the 7-year-old girl was playing outside a relative’s home Friday night when she was attacked by a pit bull.

A relative of the minor tried to stop the attack, but was unable to contain the dog, owned by a person identified as 20-year-old Erick López.

The girl was hospitalized, but died as a result of her injuries.

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Lopez faces negligent homicide charges for failing to confine or restrain the dog, which was free to roam the neighborhood.

According to his arrest warrant, there was no barrier or fence to keep the animal isolated, which is now confined by the authorities.

The identity of the slain child has not been released at this time, and the sheriff’s office is continuing its investigations.

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