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The emblematic Guanajuato fighter of Salamanca origin, Seventh Dragon has left intensive care at the General Hospital of Irapuato and could be discharged in the middle of the week, although he will still have one more surgery despite being totally sure that he is well.

In his social networks, the 27-year-old international wrestler from Salamanca has stated, “I’m sorry but I was there these weeks, I had an accident that kept me in intensive care, and when I woke up they told me everything, about your love for me, net of the I love everyone, God put them in the way, thank you fighters, colleagues, promoters, friends, friends, God family and everyone in general for making a bitter drink easier ”.

Thus also has manifested, “I am very grateful to MLA and Atlanta, they are my home, I want to be present, I want to live in Atlanta as I recover, Thank you all, I will return stronger. In the MLA21 Royalty do not count me out, Seventh Kamikaze Dragon of Air (zic) ”.

The company Más Lucha Libre Atlanta (MLA) led by Ricardo Ordaz, a promoter that opened its doors in the United States, is preparing an event where it has begun to announce the presence of the international wrestler from Salamanca, Seventh Dragon, alongside wrestlers like El Hijo del Santo.

Seventh Dragon will have one more surgery, in this regard he comments through social networks, “There is still one more surgery despite being totally sure of being well. Already of Health. I love you and thank you for your support and prayers.

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Meanwhile his father Fernando Diosdado through the same channel points out, “I share this happiness with you, together with my Son. I love you son, God bless you my champion and each and everyone who is watching God bless me ”.

In the same way it has made known, “He is a little tired of the throat for all these days that he was intubated and sedated, he is in internal medicine receiving all the attention and will have a fourth surgery, the prognosis indicates that at the beginning of the week he could be discharged (zic ) “.

After eleven days in intensive care and after undergoing three surgeries, Luis Fernando Diosdado Grimaldo, known in the luchistic milieu as Seventh Dragon, left intensive care.

He is currently in internal medicine and the first to speak to him have been his partner and his parents.

Throughout these days wrestlers and fans have supported the family of the talented Salamanca fighter with expenses and also with the donation of blood.

Now that he has awakened and begins his recovery, Seventh Dragon known internationally as “The King of Air”, promises to return to the ring with more force.

Seventh Dragon is an independent fighter, thanks to his courage, determination, effort and dedication, he made his way into this sport. At national and international level he has participated in different wrestling companies, currently has a contract in the United States with the MLW.

As a fighter, he is characterized by his aerial and extreme style, and is even cataloged internationally as “The King of Air” thanks to his movements such as Corkscrew Plancha and Bodyblock Suicida.

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Throughout his sports career he has been champion in the Mexican company Alto Impacto de DTU, being the eighth champion of the company.

It was in his native Salamanca Guanajuato where the “Kamikaze del Aire” or “Maniaco Mayor” obtained the title of the DTU company by defeating Jinzo (Raúl Mendoza), Nightmare and Drastik Boy. This championship was only in their hands for three months after losing against Drastik Boy, in that fight Black Fire, Ricky Marvin and Tony Rodríguez also participated. Currently current champion in Wold Wide de Lucha Voz that he obtained in Arizona. Prior to all this, welterweight wrestling champion for the state of Guanajuato.

He has also won various trophies in different companies in the United States, has been champion in Arizona in the company Voz Lucha and has participated alongside great stars of WWE.


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