Several fatalities – Deaths and severe damage from storms in the USA – News

  • Flooded towns and meters of snow on the west coast, deadly hurricanes in the south-east: at least two dozen people have died in the USA as a result of extreme weather.
  • The persistent rainfall in California has turned small streams into raging rivers, parts of the most populous US state are under water.
  • At the same time, tornadoes cause severe devastation, especially in the state of Alabama.


Aid workers search for a missing boy in San Miguel, California.

Keystone/San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office via AP

The number of dead in California, for example from falling trees or flash floods, rose to 19 on Thursday, according to media reports. More victims are feared.

Tornadoes wreak havoc

At the same time, tornadoes cause severe devastation, especially in the state of Alabama. Six people died, Governor Kay Ivey wrote on Twitter late Thursday evening (local time). A hurricane raged particularly hard in the Autauga district and in the town of Selma, around 50 kilometers away, according to the emergency services. Dozens of houses were destroyed or badly damaged. Several people are still missing.



A resident in front of his destroyed home in Akron, Alabama.

Reuters/Gary Cosby Jr.

In the neighboring state of Georgia, a motorist was killed by a falling tree, the authorities said. The website According to, around 60,000 households in Alabama and Georgia were without power on Friday night.

Highway 1 threatens to flood

In California, the situation in the coastal district of Monterey County, south of San Francisco, threatens to deteriorate further. Monterey’s popular tourist area could be partially cut off from the rest of the state if water levels rise, Sheriff Tina Nieto warned. “Some of the roads will be closed and you could be stuck on one side or the other.”

The busy Highway 1 is at risk of flooding if the Salinas River overflows its banks any further. The emergency could arrive as early as Friday (local time) after further heavy rainfall. Residents in lower-lying areas have already had to pack their things and get to safety. The authorities warned to follow evacuation calls.

Destroyed house.


A tornado destroyed homes and cars in Griffin, Georgia.


Further south, in the Santa Barbara County, clean-up efforts from the floods of the past few days were still in full swing. Authorities warned of more rainstorms over the weekend. At the beginning of the week, several towns were evacuated as a precaution. The town of Montecito, where Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan, Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres and other celebrities live, was also affected.

Ellen DeGeneres documented the flooding with a selfie video next to a muddy torrent on Instagram. In the video, DeGeneres also recalled the severe flooding and mudslides that occurred in the area five years ago. “People have lost their homes and lives,” she said.

Despite the threat, the rains are also welcome. In recent years, California had been suffering from an historic drought. According to scientists, climate change is exacerbating drought, heat and extreme weather, which can also contribute to more violent forest fires.

Many reservoirs and water reservoirs are now filling up again, and the snow cover in the Sierra Nevada is higher than it has been for years. The most recent series of storms brought several meters of snow to ski resorts in the California mountain range.

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