Severino, Yankees pitching unknown

“A baseball game is just a nervous breakdown divided into nine innings.”. Earl Wilson

After winning at least 100 games in the consecutive seasons of 2018 (100-62) and 2019 (103-59), the Yankees closed last year 33-27 in the season shortened by Covid-19, achieving a Late sprinting gave them fifth place in the extended field of the playoffs.

By 2021, the season that kicks off in 38 days they need a much more consistent starting body and better health from their injury-prone lineup to return to the top of the AL East and restore their status as strong contenders. of the World Series.

After foreman Aaron Boone’s disastrous decision in the Division Series to try to outwit the Rays using Deivi Garcia as a surprise starter, followed by a reluctant JA Happ, the media’s focus intensified on how much independence Boone actually has. General manager Brian Cashman has become increasingly reliant on analytics, but insisted after the season that Boone had autonomy to make decisions in the game.

Zack Britton and Gerrit Cole are teammates on the Yankees pitching staff and clients of super agent Scott Boras.

Unfortunately, the Yankees’ starting rotation heading into 2021 doesn’t look like what fans have grown used to in recent years.

Happ’s experiment ended after the veteran left-hander produced mixed results in the Bronx. James Paxton had flashes of brilliance, at least when he was healthy. Former ace in the making Luis Severino is recovering from Tommy John surgery and has pitched 12 innings since 2019. It’s all anyone’s guess for 2021.

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Not to mention, the popular Masahiro Tanaka did not return and will spend 2021 pitching in his native Japan.

Yankees fans with Aaron Judge must feel mutually deceived. Fans do it because after hitting 52 home runs in 2017 en route to winning Rookie of the Year, injuries have derailed him. Judge does it because before it can turn into another great season, his body betrays him, whether it’s with a broken wrist in 2018 or multiple muscle strains in the past two years.

The Yankees expect catcher Gary Sanchez to present superstar credentials.

PROJECTED LINEUP: 2B, DJ LeMahieu; RF, Aaron Judge; CF, Aaron Hicks; DH, Giancarlo Stanton; 1B, Luke Voit; SS, Gleyber Torres; LF, Clint Frazier; 3B, Gio Urshela; C, Gary Sánchez- (right)

ROTATION: PD, Gerrit Cole; PD, Corey Kluber; PD, Jameson Taillon; PZ, Deivi García; PZ, Jordan Montgomery and PD, Luis Severino.

Luis Severino is expected to miss the start of the season as he recovers from Tommy John surgery.

A DAY LIKE TODAY: 2014 – Orioles sign free agent OF Nelson Cruz for a year for US $ 8 million.

2017 – Major League Baseball adopts a significant rule change, as part of a strategy to speed up the game: A pitcher will no longer need to deliberately throw four pitches outside the strike zone to deliver an intentional walk, but rather that of the defensive team. . The manager will simply need to signal his intention to the plate umpire, who will immediately direct the batter to advance to first base. However, since there is an average of one intentional walk every 2.5 games, the change is expected to have minimal impact on playing time.

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