She allows her 9-year-old daughter to have her nose pierced and becomes the target of criticism

Mother of four children, Meagan Black regularly shares her daily family life on social networks. But recently, one of his decisions divided his subscribers. In question ? The nose piercing his nine-year-old daughter got from him.

To grant or not the authorization to his children to be made a piercing? This is a subject that is still controversial, even in 2023! If some parents congratulate their children for wanting to express their personality, some are completely closed to this idea.

However, Meagan Black sparked a wave of misunderstanding by letting her only nine-year-old daughter get pierce the nez. A choice that his TikTok subscribers did not fail to strongly criticize.

A misplaced comment

Meagan Black lives in Illinois in the United States. Regularly, the mother of four children posts videos of her family on her account @megz_nichole217. Her nine-year-old daughter appears there frequently. Recently, the young woman returned to one of the comments she had received and found particularly inappropriate. In this new video, she revealed its content while providing a well-felt response.

A misunderstood relentlessness

“You are a bad mother for letting your nine-year-old daughter get her nose pierced “. This sentence, Meagan commented on it in the caption in an acerbic way. She wrote ” But why is it “so cute” when a two-year-old is wearing a cropped top but you’re begging for a nose ring ? “. Viewed more than 997,000 times, Meagan’s video has not failed to arouse strong reactions.

Too early an age

Indeed, in the comments, some people, accustomed to the small family, noted that nine years old was a really early age for such a decision. Others expressed concern about the healing and keeping his piercing “clean” given its age. ” I would let them get them once in college only! noted a first mother. ” I myself have my nose pierced but nine years is a little too early, it is not yet fully formed underlined for a second. A third said, It’s really a bit too young. It would have been better around 13 or 14 years old ».

The nose or the ears?

Meagan could nevertheless count on some encouraging and positive comments. ” If I was your child and I begged you, I would be very happy estimated a person, delaying his remarks with a But I’m afraid they’ll regret it later… “. A second person concluded ” Who cares ? She can do what she wants with her daughter, it’s none of our business! “. In a separate video, Meagan and her daughter returned to these questions. Meagan said in particular ” I let him do it to the nose because she doesn’t like earrings. That’s what she wanted. Here, a minor can do a piercing in the company of a parent with consent ».

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