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Undoubtedly one of the tensest moments of a first date that’s when the restaurant bill hits the table. When it comes to paying, people have their strategies to avoid taking out their wallet and that always generates controversy.

However, the biggest scandal was generated around a case that occurred in the United States, when a woman recorded the first date she had with a manla subió a TikTok “target =” _ blank “> TikTok and the video went Viral” target=”_blank”>viral.

The story is in the hands of the user @ Alaska.Gurlwho told how his exit to the restaurant was Applebee’s Grill + Bar with a young man she had met a few days ago. After lunch and a few drinks, when everything was going relatively well, the bachelor made a proposal “indecent” which didn’t have the best answer.

The man proposed to her if the date could continue elsewhere for “have sex“. Given the user’s refusal, the applicant asked the waiter to bring two separate accountsSo everyone paid their share.

Are you really going to make me pay for my food?”, she questioned him, while filming it with her cell phone. “Is seriously?”, He continued, while the waiter witnessed the embarrassing scene between the two.

After he asked her again if the date was going to continue elsewhere, she insisted “no” and he confirmed that he was not going to pay his bill. The woman insulted him and continued with the video.

This is what I have to pay guys”, she said, while showing the value of her ticket: a total of 42.74 dollars. On her part, her date, with a disregarded face, still did not answer about it.

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To make matters worse, the scene continued a while longer after she asked him to take her home and he, with the same plan, refused to do it. “Hey, how are you planning to get back home? Do you have gas or money?”, he asked her, while she, indignant, replied: “¡No!”.

Guys, he’s making me pay for my food because I’m not having sex with him. It’s a shame. Look at this man. Never go out with him. Don’t give him his number. just run”, closes the woman in the video, which was already viral within a few hours.

Divided opinions and debate around the viral TikTok video

Is situation generated controversy and debate in the users who saw the video. Many of them agreed with the attitude that the woman took to escracharlo, while others were in favor of the diner.

Men are not required to pay for your food. You ate it, you pay for it. Unless you have offered to pay it first”, maintained one of the users, while another pointed out: “Sorry, but as a man, when you ask a woman out, you pay. You are the one who approached her and asked her out of it. Does it make sense for you to pay”.

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