she wins $25,000 in the lottery by playing numbers her sister saw in a dream

Following a strange dream made by her sister, a 68-year-old American woman hit the jackpot in the Maryland lottery.

Dreamlike inspiration turned into real money. A 68-year-old American woman residing in Cockeysville, in the State of Maryland (United States), recently won the sum of 25,000 dollars (approximately 24,500 euros) in the lottery, taking advantage of a vision that appeared in a dream made by his sister.

As the story goes UPI, the sexagenarian had the habit, for years, of drawing inspiration from her own dreams to choose the numbers she was going to tick on her next lottery ticket. A few weeks ago, however, she decided to change her routine after her sister told her about one of her particularly strange dreams.

“When I saw that all my numbers were out, I couldn’t believe it”

The latter thus explained to her that she had seen, in her sleep, the sequence of numbers “23815” on a bus in which she was traveling in a dream. The Maryland lottery regular decided to play this exact combination on a 50 cent ticket (about 49 euro cents). A few days later, on the evening of the draw, the player discovered with dismay that she had won the jackpot.

“When I saw that all my numbers were out, I couldn’t believe it,” confirms the sixty-something, who, after pinching and rubbing her eyes, was able to see that it was not a dream this time. With the $25,000 she received, the American mainly intends to “pay the bills”, according to UPI, but obviously a small gift to her sister, without whom nothing would have happened, wouldn’t be too much…

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