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[Epoch Times September 26, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Mai Lei, Houston, USA) On the stage of Shen Yun, agile dancers jumped into the sky, and then soared into the sky in the background, giving people an unparalleled vision Shocked. Ms. Carol Gooch couldn’t help but exclaimed: “I love Shen Yun Canopy. The dancers come and go freely, they look smart and moving!”

On the afternoon of September 25, 2021, Shen Yun’s fourth performance at the HOUSTON Wortham Center Brown Theater continued to cause a sensation.

Carol is a psychologist and owns his own consulting company. She is also the founder and executive director of the Montgomery County Business Women’s Association (MCABW), Texas, and the business development director of Aspire Hospital. She has been named an outstanding person by “Outstanding Women” magazine. She is also a columnist for the Montgomery County Healthy Living Alliance. In July of this year, she was recognized for her dedication to the community and was named the Montgomery County 2021 Athena Award winner.

Carol said that he fell in love with Shen Yun at first sight, “That costume, and Chinese classical dance, everything is breathtaking!”

She has repeatedly said that she really likes Shen Yun’s “extraordinary” canopy. Shen Yun’s dynamic canopy expands the time and space of the stage. She said: “It’s really great. The characters come in and out from the stage to the canopy. They are really agile.”

The Shen Yun stage shows the essence of China’s five thousand years of civilization. This culture is full of divinity. “I feel that this is really great!” Carol said, “I am very happy with the divinity they have shown. Everyone needs to know this. It’s wonderful!”

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She emphasized: “The divinity of culture, our world needs this especially.”

Shen Yun artists practice Falun Dafa and follow the principle of “Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance”. In this regard, Carol said that he could feel the value and information from the show, “Yes, I can feel this. They train very well!” Carol praised, “The Shen Yun dancers are outstanding and very talented. ! The music is great, very soothing.”

Shen Yun’s purpose is to restore traditions. To this Carol said, “Yes, we really need to restore culture, especially in this chaotic world. This is even more necessary.” Finally, she praised Shen Yun artists again, “It’s great. Talented!”

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