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[Voice of Hope January 7, 2021](Host: Shi Tao)

Game over is over, it ends on January 7th. It’s January 6th in the US and January 7th in Beijing. Why is it on January 7th in Beijing? Time is a god, explain to everyone. Yesterday, it was a magnificent wave, which can only be called a magnificent wave, but everything about the magnificent wave makes people see that the human nature hates its success in the first place. The symbol of yesterday refers to the success of Xi Jinping, the success of the Xi-style CCP. The decline of human nature appears as the equivalent of truth and fraud. Everything that is true has become a false liar in the human environment, in the entire human environment today. All of fraud has become the supreme morality in the name of law in the human environment today. Yesterday was a complete performance that put the cart before the horse, but there is no alternative, a very complete performance. The story itself looks very complicated, but the story itself is very clear and simple.

Betrayal is extremely bad and incurable. Human evil has reached a perfect state and has become the incarnation of morality. This was what was expressed yesterday. In the course of the event, people only see the dazzling, people are looking forward to the result, the result is possession. The victor of the result in this environment becomes the biggest deceiver, but it is a moral representative. As I often say, yesterday it was shown that people are a piece of rotten meat, too many people are rotten meat, but he wears the best and most ceremonial suit. The most filthy and dirty people use the best and most appropriate cosmetics for decoration and display.

But the evil side uses morality as an excuse and law as the cornerstone to crush the truth into powder. The real things, real people and real thoughts are more wronged than Xianglin’s wife, and more wronged than Dou E. Whether Sister Xianglin or Dou E is wronged, she can cry and die. This wave of people want to cry but cannot cry, want to die, and there is injustice in the world, but the majority of Americans in the United States yesterday. The fraudsters are very few, and the fraudsters are those from Capitol Hill. The police around that, all the big media that we have seen, are logically straightforward, completely reasonable, completely moral, and completely comprehensive. The wronged man has no tricks at all. Yesterday, in my opinion, this is basically the case. The whole story process started in Pence.

There is a meaning here. Yesterday’s results were basically over. Then Trump’sAfter 3:00 to 4, he made a statement that he was willing to quit, and he quit. He did not admit defeat, but he was forced to withdraw. The statement was written like this. He did not admit defeat and was forced to withdraw. He did not recognize that Biden was elected president. It only said that he would hand over power in an orderly manner on January 20. I personally think that this statement is quite appreciated. The reason is that he is holding his moral bottom line, he refuses to recognize Biden, he insists on the truth, he insists on everything around him, forcing him to abdicate, forcing him to end, but I, Trump, is real, this is the only thing left in the world today. A little bit. All the media have lost in Trump, he is loser. All media put themselves in the perspective of a winner. To beat you a big-headed ghost, everything in the world is reversed.

Because there are too many things listed yesterday, I will share with you this statement of Pence first.Pence’s Twitter account, his statement gave out something very strange, I can only say that it is very strange, his time point is very special, he isBefore entering the Congress before 1:00 pm on the 6th, because the Congress started at 1:00, he took out the official statement and posted it on Twitter before 1:00. But CNN heard about this on the night of the 5th, saying that Trump and Pence had a fierce quarrel in the White House. The news came later that Trump repeatedly squeezed Pence and hoped that Pence would make a difference. undeniable. Trump had to say four or five times in an open environment from the 5th to the 6th, that is Pence, you have to show courage, Pence, you want a hero, and Pence wants what.

Up to now, I personally insist on Trump’s shortcomings and Trump’s biggest problem until now that there is no result, he has not done anything by himself, and his journey is dependent on others, which is quite tragic. If you say you must say something, it means that I don’t rely on anyone. He is objective. Everyone understands. As far as I am concerned, I am not qualified to blame anyone, the first one;

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Secondly, I personally never care about the result, I just interpret the process in the context of time. I can understand the process. The result is not my final say. There is no greatness. I am just an ordinary person. , So you don’t have to guess on the result.Trump has relied on others from beginning to end. The Supreme Court, his lawyers, and including himIn 2018, I thought that something might happen, but he didn’t realize it.

In 2018, he promulgated the state of emergency law on September 12, the part that he shot himself. It depends on the US Director of National Intelligence to produce a report on December 18, which is 45 days after the election. There was no report. He also didn’t dare to step over Lei Chi’s tiptoe. There was no report, right? He elected the justice and had providence. Ginsberg is dead, enter Barrett, very great providence. But he did not expect the three justices to betray him.

The evil forces behind it are like the “Supergirl” that everyone sees in movies. The only force behind the stone of prayer is that the stone is destroyed. The supergirl saw the greatest evil god in the world come to the world, but it has been late. If the stone is not sucked away by the man, people will never know that the sinful god has come to the world. But if you are sucked away by that man, if you know it, when people also know that the evil god is coming, and when it is late, people are arranged. The underlying meaning is that people are arranged, and the truth is the same.

Ginsberg’s death, Barrett’s admission, foretells that the Supreme Court, as far as Trump is concerned, he has gained, and he can really benefit. But today he suffered from a larger background, so it was precisely that he betrayed him relying on it. After the Supreme Court rejected the case, he should be sober immediately. He did not wake up. He began, whether he relied on a barrister or evidence, everything he relied on was on others. This is the root of his failure, if you call it failure. But as far as I am concerned, I have stated that he has not admitted failure until now, and he has not admitted failure until now. He was forced to leave to end his great first term. So I can only say that it is an expression of his quality of life, that is, for such a real person in a human environment, he has shortcomings.

There is nothing right or wrong. In my eyes, you will see the evil behind the CCP virus taking people away on a large scale. This is what I personally said. This is the end of the great trial and the end of the final great trial. What to do then? Then the great purification begins. There are good and evil in the judgment, right? The evil will go to hell, I am talking about this meaning.Pence in the afternoonHe took out this thing before 1 o’clock. He declared that he had only a ceremonial position and no actual power. He said that the Constitution and the law of the Congress stipulated him. The constitution does not. Regarding the issue of the presidency, the constitution only has a handover date at noon on January 20, and the rest were decided later. So as far as he is concerned, his objective etiquette, his excuse is to shirk his own responsibility, that is, he avoided it. When Pence made his statement, Trump was speaking to hundreds of thousands of people at the Washington Monument.

The speeches have all passed, and the old man has nothing new, so if you go to the speech, it has no meaning. In the end, he was at the scene. It was supposed that he realized that Pence had retired in the process, so he said one thing, he said we went to the Capitol to protest, and he said this. As soon as he said this, the overall situation was set by others, and that situation was set long ago. From Washington Monument to Capitol Hill, it’s probably only two miles, two kilometers, which is about that far away, so hundreds of thousands of people go there, because the mainstream media do not report it, and tens of thousands of people arrive at the scene. of.

Let us first share with you that time is a god.The CPC media’s publication of Xi Jinping’s speech on the epidemic triggered responsibility. This isBBC, this is today one year ago, this day one year ago. In an article published on February 3, 2020 in the “Realistic Magazine”, a speech in the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China, Xi Jinping said that on January 7th, I presided over the meeting of the Standing Committee of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, and put forward requirements for the work of the new crown virus pneumonia. On January 22, Hubei Province was required to fully control people. This is what we know. The CCP used official documents and Xi Jinping’s personal command to personally deploy. Its earliest date is January 7, 2020.

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That’s a lie,On January 22, Hubei closed the city, he personally guided it, that was a lie. He did not say that he spoke on January 7, and there is no second party corroboration. Truth-seeking is false. The Mayor of Wuhan made the decision to close Wuhan on the 22nd, not Xi Jinping. But everything that lies dominate, in the human environment, there are really few that can return to the original, and it has dealt with the power of the evil nature of human beings at the beginning. From the perspective of stinky meat, people are full of their own greed and evil power, occupying everything with lies and power. Whatever happened in Pence America is everything about the pandemic, so there is no need to state it. The time when Pence issued the statement was Beijing just entering the midday of January 7, 2021.

Pence’s statement spanned both ends. I have explained to you that heaven, earth and people, year, month and day, spirit. Jingqishen should say on the contrary, it should be dignified, this corresponds. It’s called Tiannian when a person is dead, and it’s over in a circle. Pence’s speech and the time when Pence betrayed Trump was the first anniversary of Xi Jinping’s lie. It was the beginning of the occupation of mankind by Xi Jinping and the Xi-style CCP. A year later, he succeeded. That’s it. So this is when it started yesterday. Some people say, what is the relationship between you and Xi Jinping? This is fixed by nature, and people have never said for it. One year’s time came when Burns’s betrayal made everyone see the evil of mankind, and the evil of man ruled mankind.

Pence inHe made it clear on January 4th, and he made it clear himself that Wednesday is our day, right? We export all legitimate votes, and throw out all illegal votes, he said. He is recognized by too many people as a devout Christian, and he appears in prayer under any circumstances. In the White House, the senior officials of the White House have a prayer. There is a prayer group every week, which is an expression of their religious piety. He is the group leader. Faith becomes religion, and it becomes the place of interest. It’s because people are greedy and want to go to heaven, standing on stinky meat want to go to heaven. Pence explained this perfectly.

There is no right or wrong, everyone must understand that there is no right or wrong in my eyes. There is only one thing that is the most real in the human environment, time. If you can read time, you can read life. Because everyone counts one year as one year old, right? Take a day to live, to be the life process of an adult.Every month is the four seasons to support our daily life to the first year, a365 days. Tiannian is death. In my eyes, you want to talk about the Great Judgment. In the Bible Revelation, the Great Judgment was placed on Burns’s mind. This is in Western civilization, and it took a year. Who can save in it? People who know the truth.

The result is already set, no one can change. But in the process of moving towards results, how many people can stick to good intentions? This is self-salvation. God saving people is always an individual. The Republican Party, the Democratic Party, the Communist Party, this party, and that party are always evil. This evil is for your faith, not your life. People live like this, so we repeatedly said in our program, you look at all these famous painters, the great judgment drawn by them, people are the lowest, and people are always together with the hell of fairies, ghosts, and monsters, and always will be. And from the human to the upper one is the upper one, there are very few, all underneath are people, there is no way of telling people, just leave nothing, one by one, it is a demon or a ghost. You can count the ones that are lifted by the gods, one or two. In Michelangelo’s painting, there are probably only two and a half people who have slipped up. The two and a half people have slipped up because two people have slipped up. One of them has slipped halfway and it’s over here. Halfway up, the time passed by. So this is what I want to say, this is true. Peng Si has this role in the world.

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So after the Pence statement, Trump called on everyone to go to Congress, tens of thousands of people. I personally watched the whole process.The police were blocked at first, WashingtonDC sent 500 National Guards, soldiers with guns, but in Capitol Hill, none of them. Outside Capitol Hill is its Washington DC local police. The police stopped people with an iron horse, and couldn’t get up the steps at all. But then I didn’t know why, and people didn’t talk too much about what to do with the police, no. Some of you saw some footage conflicting with the police, and the police also sprayed tear gas, which were in different locations. On Capitol Hill, the police opened the gate, the police opened the iron horse, and people entered. When people enter the Capitol and the Congress, there is no police blocking them. This is how the story comes.

And that time was yesterday afternoon1:30. At 1:00, when Burns started, Burns and Pelosi stood on the presiding stage. Pelosi hit the wooden hammer first, and then Burns started with the wooden hammer. The clerk followed the letters ABC. Pass him something. The first one handed out was Alabama and Arkansas, and then the third was Arizona. As soon as Arizona took it out, a congressman spoke, and Cruz spoke against him. Once he turned against him, then the people in the Senate left, and the senators went to the Senate to discuss themselves. The members of the House of Representatives stayed in the original meeting to discuss. During the discussion, the opposing legislator first gave his reasons. In the Senate, McNair first threatened all the senators present, and then Cruz spoke.

In the middle of Cruze’s speech, about the afternoonAround 1:27, the protesters entered the Congress and rushed in. Then I rushed in. I was listening to the Mandarin spoken by a Chinese in the video: We occupied the Congress. He spoke in Mandarin, not from Beijing, but he was not from Beijing, but from the north, which surprised me. Because my biggest question at the time was why let them in? What can they do in there? He can’t do anything.

Simply put, these people entered the Congress and drove straight into it without any hindrance. But all the members of Congress were listening to the defense and all slumped under the table without shooting. What are you afraid of? All these things were taken into photos and spread all over the world instantly.Those protesting are very well-behaved, this scene isThe Hong Kong protesters entered the Legislative Council on July 1, 2019. Those who entered, the first ones who entered were those from Antifa and the Negroes. All the corresponding photos came out, it was a wave of people. Did you follow other people? Absolutely. Do you have any Trump supporters? There must be, but they went in and circled, did nothing, did not smash anything, and did not have a direct armed conflict with anyone.

As a result, a single shot was fired, oneThe 14-year-old girl was shot by the police in the neck and killed, only that shot. The scene at the time was a staircase, with the police below and these protesters on the top. The police did not allow these protesters to come over, so these people went up. When she was leaving, the girl crawled up the door. As soon as she crawled out, the man’s brain was exposed to the crowd. He shot it. The gun was shot correctly at the time, it hit the neck and fell off, and then the police disappeared. The police did not rescue, only this shot, but people died in Congress. The people in fancy clothes, including those smoking marijuana, went in and waved the flag. After shaking the flag for a while, Trump sent the National Guard and the Secret Service to defend the Congress. When these people came, they smashed this. If caught, the matter is over. However, Trump’s supporters forcefully occupied Congress in a vain attempt to coup, which flooded the media all over the world.


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