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Shohei Ohtani of the Angels who threw 39 balls in the second bullpen throw at the camp. Photo = Courtesy of Angels (AngeLs Baseball)[Enlarge]

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[Tempe (Arizona, USA) 21st (22nd Japan time)]Shohei Ohtani (26) of the US Major League Baseball Angels participated in the battery group camp on the 5th day. Two days after the previous bullpen, he practiced pitching for the second time in the camp and threw 39 pitches. The outdoor free batting that had been done for two consecutive days was not done on that day.

Kurt Suzuki, a 37-year-old catcher who joined the Angels from this season, said about Otani, “I have returned from Tommy John surgery and threw all types of balls without any restrictions. I want to do anything to help each pitcher.” I swore support. Suzuki is an experienced veteran who contributed to winning the World Series when he was enrolled in the Nationals in 2019. It seems to be a reassuring presence for Otani.


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