Shot before birthday: TikTokerin mourns her son!

For Ophelia Nichols a world collapses. The blonde made her breakthrough with TikTok: now more than seven million followers follow the network awareness. There she entertains her numerous fans with entertaining videos and always puts them in a good mood. But now she turned to her fans with a heartbreaking clip: Ophelia’s son was shot – the perpetrator is probably still at large.

As nothing reported Ophelias Son Randon shot and killed at a gas station in Alabama just before his 19th birthday. In a moving TikTokvideo, the blogger addressed her fans and asked them for help in finding the culprit. In addition, she also addressed words to the perpetrator: “You will be found. You will reap what you sow in this world. You may not have been caught yet, but you will. You will see my son’s face every day of your life.” So far no one has been arrested.

Randon tragically passed away just before his 19th birthday. “He was only 18 years old. This is the best time in life and I know they’re still out there in my town. They’re out there.”cried Ophelia.

Instagram / ophelianichols

Ophelia Nichols with her sons Cole and Randon

Instagram / ophelianichols

Ophelia Nichols, Influencerin

Instagram / ophelianichols

Ophelia Nichols, TikTok-Star

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