Should Patrick Mahomes be considered the 2022 NFL MVP award favorite?

Almost every NFL season we get the same uncertainty about who the year’s MVP will be, but not this one. Kansas City Chiefs’ QB Patrick Mahomes has remained consistent throughout the entire season and proved he truly is one of the best in the NFL. His team ended the season with an impressive 14-3 record that was only matched by the Philadelphia Eagles. Mahomes does things that not many quarterbacks are able to do on a consistent basis, he has numbed every single person who watches him play to a point where his unreal plas don’t surprise us anymore.

What makes him even better is not just the natural talent but how he increases his level of performance when he feels under pressure. Very few athletes in the world can do what Mahomes does in any sport, not just in the NFL. That hook-shot throw he completed against the Houston Texans in December is only within reach of very few quarterbacks in history. Most of his peers don’t finish plays well when they have two linemen and two linebackers on top of him. Patrick does it with grace and ease as he combines both superb passing skills and his running prowess.

Mahomes’ season in numbers

That versatility is what keeps him at the very top of everybody’s list for this season’s MVP Award. It’s almost impossible to not pick Mahomes this season with everything he has done for the Chiefs. As a result of this spectacular season, Matrick Mahomes completed 5,250 passing yards, 385 rushing yards, and six receiving yards. If our math is correct, we are talking about a total 5,614 total offensive yards from Mahomes alone. In his fifth year as the starter, it’s safe to say Mahomes can already be considered a future Hall-of-Famer.

If this brilliant season can finish with another ring on his finger, Patrick Mahomes will be well on his way to pursue the one record that seems completely unattainable right now. Tom Brady still has seven Super Bowl Rings and he will attempt to get his eigth. Mahomes doesn’t really care about winning MVP Awards, all he wants is more rings on his fingers. However, winning both accolades would make him the first QB to do it since Kurt Warner got them in 1999 while playing for the Saint Louis Rams. Other players who could be in the running for the prize are Bills quarterback Josh Allen, Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow, and Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts. But Mahomes has the upper hand, by a mile.

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