Should you believe horoscopes? An honest opinion of an astrologer

On the Internet and various magazines, we often see horoscopes for a week, month, year. Should you use this data in your life? Astrologer Natalya Kalachenkova honestly answers this question.

What are the horoscopes

Wikipedia reports that the Horoscope is an ordered display of the relative position of the planets in the starry sky at a certain period of time according to the signs of the zodiac. Used in astrology to predict fate.

In astrology, there are many directions of horoscopes, such as natal astrology (personal characteristics of a person, his abilities, areas of use of talents for maximum moral and material satisfaction), astrology of everyday, energy and sexual compatibility of partners, a children’s horoscope (about how a child sees this world, how to help him adapt in life, what skills and talents to develop), astromedicine (our predispositions to diseases, how to avoid them, how to try to get rid of them), mundane astrology (changes in the existence of a particular state and the world in general), prognostics and much more.

If we talk about mundane astrology (the fate of states), then we note that each country also has its own geniture – a map of the position of celestial bodies at the time of creation, birth of a state. Depending on the influence of the energies of the planets in the sky at the current moment, certain events, revolutions, wars, periods of stagnation or periods of active development of the state occur. Such events are influenced by the movement of very slow planets, the revolution of which around the Sun is carried out for many years, forming certain life cycles of countries and the world. Such forecasts are made not for a day, but for longer periods, usually for a year or more. For example, for Russia, the richest month for tragic events on a national scale, an increase in mortality, fires, floods and other cataclysms is considered August. Since it is in this month that the crisis field in the horoscope of our state is activated.

Of course, world astrology concerns a specific person very indirectly. Great shocks and changes can happen in the country and the world, but a person is doing well! He enjoys life, loves, he has children, and work brings him incredible pleasure and prosperity. Nevertheless, the processes taking place in the state also affect our lucky one, he adjusts to the circumstances and acts according to the conditions proposed by life. Here the personal birth chart of a person, his talents, opportunities, experience of past lives are already included. How a person uses these resources indicated in his natal chart depends only on his own choice and the social environment of his development.

Predictions for zodiac signs – is it true?

The forecast for the future for each zodiac sign is a more approximate topic. It is these horoscopes that are especially popular in the tabloid press. We will not go into the details and subtleties of their creation, everything has its own specifics. Let’s just say that such a forecast can be very effective and efficient, only for 1/12 of the representatives of a particular zodiac sign. If the Sun at the moment of your birth fell into the first field of your personal horoscope, then such predictions from magazines can indeed often come true and tell you how best to act. But if you do not know the details of your natal chart, we recommend that you pay attention to an overview of the action of the energies of heavenly bodies in the period you need, the so-called general astrological forecasts.

Astrology and energy of heavenly bodies

Many do not believe in astrology, perhaps they are closer to scientifically proven facts about the influence of the cycles of the Moon, the energies of the Sun on the life of our planet. If the luminaries influence us, then the electromagnetic influence on our life of other bodies in the solar system is quite likely and justified.

The fact is that any energy is around us always and everywhere. Depending on our receptivity, we, one way or another, are exposed to its influence, live and act according to its rules. We can blindly follow the tendencies of the energies of lunar and solar eclipses and cycles, other global processes in the universe, or we can listen to information about the movement of celestial bodies, to what sphere of life this can affect, take into account the peculiarities of the period and turn the acting energies to our advantage … If the weather forecast says that rain is likely tomorrow, then it is recommended to have an umbrella with you for all signs of the zodiac. This law also works in astrology.

In short, if there is peace and love in heaven, then live yourself calmly, take advantage of the moment. And if you know that there are outbursts of negativity and crises, then it is better to pay attention to this, put on a helmet on your head and try to avoid them.


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