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Shun Yamaguchi Minor contract with “Giants” Major promotion Can you win?

The new affiliation of pitcher Shun Yamaguchi (33), who signed the free contract with the US Major League Baseball Blue Jays, was not the giant who was enrolled until 2019 even in the same Giants, but the home of San Francisco. The Giants announced a minor contract with Yamaguchi on the 20th. Participation as an invited player in a major camp in Arizona will be accepted, and he will appeal for survival by pitching in the actual battle so that he can win the major contract by the opening.

The prestigious eight-time World Series champion is being rebuilt, finishing third in the NL West last season and missing out on the playoffs for the fourth consecutive year. In the same area, both the Dodgers and Padres, which are the best in the world last season, have succeeded in large-scale reinforcement, and the chances of winning this season are thin. It would be profitable if Yamaguchi, whose Blue Jays would take over most of his annual salary, would fill in the starting lineup and relief only in the season when younger training is the highest priority.

Yamaguchi was a giant and won the most wins in 19 years off, transferred to the Blue Jays with the posting system. He pitched in 17 games with relief, but his ERA was 8.06, and he was not a member in the playoffs. Just before the camp in this year, it became possible to negotiate with other teams including Japan outside the force, and the giant also expressed his intention to welcome the return.

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