Siemens and 80 Acres Partner to Scale Vertical Farming

Based on an initial investment by Siemens Financial Services, the collaboration between the two companies focuses on the use of innovative agricultural technologies to promote sustainable, traceable, healthy and more productive farming methods. Thanks to the stable software and hardware solutions from Siemens, developed by intelligent facility and energy management systems to advanced industrial automation technologies, 80 Acres Farms is well positioned to streamline and standardize its operations, contributing to the global food security.

“It is often said that food is medicine. With vertical farming, we can make this idea a reality. 80 Acres Farms leverages technologies that act as enablers for this transformative approach to food production,” said Barbara Humpton, CEO of Siemens USA. “We live in a time of disruptive change – in a world that is increasingly ‚glocal’ will. 80 Acres Farms’ approach reflects both the purpose and power of industrial technologies available today: the ability to transform locally developed technologies into breakthrough solutions that are deployed globally. In this context, Siemens is significantly supporting the optimization, automation and control of the agricultural facilities and processes of 80 acres. In collaboration with Infinite Acres, the company’s technology subsidiary, Siemens is promoting the industrialization and scaling of the company’s Loop platform – a holistic solution that includes software and algorithms for crop management, environmental controls, robotics and automation.

“Infinite Acres built the Loop platform in collaboration with world-class technology partners such as Priva, Ocado and Signify. Our new partnership with Siemens brings a new dimension to our collaboration and technology platform through a 360° approach across software and hardware – from digital twins to advanced controllers,” said Tisha Livingston, co-founder of 80 Acres Farms and CEO of Infinite acres.

Siemens Smart Infrastructure provides the power distribution equipment, energy and building management technologies that enable monitoring of the fire safety, security and power distribution systems through a single interface. Siemens Digital Industries will install a suite of advanced industrial automation technologies and edge devices to support production line automation, while Edge Devices and Human Machine Interfaces Monitor and update farm control systems. With regard to the growth processes, Siemens Digital Industries Software is currently working on the Development of a digital twinwhich simulates the cultivation, growth and production processes in order to predict crop growth under a wide range of conditions and to optimize the growth and logistics processes of future farms.

“In just seven years, we have grown our technology from a single research and development facility to a high-tech, modular system that can be deployed anywhere in the world,” said Mike Zelkind, co-founder and CEO of 80 Acres Farms. “Standardizing our technologies and infrastructure allows us to quickly and effectively scale our industry-leading technology for global deployments. Thanks to our extensive network of dedicated, global partners like Siemens, we will be able to feed many more millions of people in just a few years.”

Siemens Technology, the research and development unit of Siemens, plans to develop an app to optimize the software using artificial intelligence and machine learning. This should detect irregularities and thus prevent negative effects on the plants.

More information about intelligent agricultural technologies see this one Link.

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