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Giants announced to reporters including Alex Pavlovic von NBC Sports Bay Areawhich they signed Trevor Rosenthal for a one-year deal worth $4.5 million. John Shea vom San Francisco Chronicle It states that there are $1 million in performance bonuses based on the games played. in Tweet laterShea provides details on rewards based on appearances, with an additional $1 million available based on completed games. Rosenthal would get $50,000 if he appeared in 15 games and then again after his 18th game. He gets $150,000 after 23 games, $200,000 for 28 games, $250,000 for 33 and $300,000 for 38. As for the games finished, it would be $100,000 for 12 games, $150,000 -Dollars for 15 followed by $250,000 upon completion. 18, 21 and 24 games.

Rosenthal currently has a strained hamstring and is undergoing rehabilitation in Arizona, per Pawlowic. It’s already placed in IL and doesn’t need an active spot in the list, per Susan Sluser vom San Francisco Chronicleadding that this is the appropriate step to get Rosenthal on the 40-man list Moritz Lovera He was put on the infected list for 60 days.

Rosenthal has been one of baseball’s top loyalists for several seasons, but has been on a roller coaster ride in recent years. From 2012 to 2017, he appeared in 328 games with a 2.99 ERA rate, 31.2% batting rate and 10.3% walk rate. He made 121 saves and 46 assists during that time

Unfortunately, Tommy John’s surgery put a stop to that and wiped out the entire 2018 season. He’s back in 2019, but 30.6% of hitters went over a 15 1/3 innings span. After that disastrous comeback, he was forced to accept a minor league deal with the Royals for 2020. He got the train back on track so well that the Royals were able to throw it to the Padres in time Edward Olivares. Rosenthal finished the shortened season with a 1.90 ERA in 23 2/3 innings with an amazing 41.8% batting average.

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Based on that return, Oakland signed a one-year, $11 million contract for the 2021 season. However, a groin strain kept him on hold earlier in the year, and he later required surgery for thoracic outlet syndrome, which wiped out a whole season otherwise.

War Rosenthal Broad More than a month ago to show he was healthy again. The Giants were clearly affected by his advances as they were willing to make a significant chunk of the change even though Rosenthal was currently injured. On the one hand, Rosenthal can be an elite loyalist, on the other hand, he’s threw fewer than 40 total runs over the past five seasons.

The Giants have had some troubles this year, which makes it somewhat understandable that they’re willing to think outside the box for answers. It is worth noting Jake McGee, which saved them 31 games last year, achieved a 7.17 ERA this year and was released last week. Overall, the club’s loyalists have an ERA of 4.19, which puts the club 23rd in the Major. If Rosenthal gets well, he can give them a long-term boost.

As for Llovera, he was transferred to IL just a few days ago for flexion stress. Based on today’s transfer, the club appear to be looking at a return in mid-September at the earliest.

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