Signs for January 6th. Handing out gifts, don’t drink alcohol, don’t wear black | News

In the evening, on the eve of the Nativity of Christ, a holiday called Christmas Eve is celebrated.
January 6 is a special day on which the Nativity Fast ends, which lasts forty days. Great importance was given to dinner on Christmas Eve.
On Christmas Eve, a whole series of magical actions were performed aimed at ensuring that favorable weather was established, that fruit trees would bear fruit, that bread would be harvested, and the number of livestock and poultry would multiply.
After dinner, it was customary to distribute gifts. Our ancestors gave them to each other just before Christmas, and not on New Year’s Eve, as is customary now.
Christmas Eve opened the time for a variety of Christmas divination. Here we will mention only those that were aimed at finding out the fate and prospects for the harvest in the coming year.
The ban on spinning – It is a sin to weave on Kutya – was often accompanied by a custom that seemed to be exactly the opposite: On Holy evening, wind tight balls of yarn so that the cabbages are tight.
Snow on the ground is like manure for the harvest. On the night of Christmas, the sky is starry – to the harvest of peas. In Kuteinik, before Christmas, the stars shine in the sky – there will be mushrooms and berries. Stars on the Christmas party – to the harvest of blueberries. If the stars are rare, then there will be few berries. If the Milky Way in the sky is full of stars and bright – to dry warm weather. The Milky Way is dim – to bad weather.

You can’t wear black clothes – the whole year will pass in sadness and sorrow. Not recommended
take on hard work – the year will pass in continuous work, which will have a very insignificant result.
You can’t talk a lot at the festive table – a pip on the tongue can jump up.
You can’t drink alcoholic beverages today – a violation of traditions that threatens with problems.
It is impossible to mention evil spirits, so as not to attract them to your home.
An unmarried girl should not sit in the corner of the table on this day – she can stay in the girls for a long time or forever.
Today you can’t be offended, offended, angry, scandalous, plotting evil – the whole year will pass in discontent and trouble.
You can not refuse hospitality, show stinginess, greed, envy, gossip, lie.
According to signs, an odd number of people cannot sit at the festive table, otherwise one of those present will not survive this year. If it so happened that it is an odd number of people who sit down at the table, you need to put an additional dish with food on the table.
People who were born on January 6 are paradoxical. Outbursts of anger and love for others are their constant companions. Their talisman stone is a pomegranate.

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