Singer Georgia Holt, mother of Cher, dies at 96

Early this Sunday, November 11, Cher (76 years) has announced the death of his mother, the singer Georgia Holt. Through her Twitter profile, the artist has written: “mom is gone“. ‘The goddess of pop’, as it is popularly known, has accompanied the text with an icon that reflects a sad face.

Georgia Holt has passed away at the age of 96, three months after Cher communicated on her social networks that she had been hospitalized for presenting recurring health problems. However, until now she has not revealed the causes of her death.

Mom has been sick from time to time. He just got out of the hospital. She had pneumonia. It’s getting better,” Cher wrote on September 9. Two days later, the artist turned to her social media again and shared the following message: “Home is the best medicine for her.”

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After breaking the news of his death, Cher has received thousands of messages from her followerswho regret the death of the singer and send their condolences and support to the interpreter of Believe. Some have even accompanied her texts with beautiful photographs of Georgia Holt alone or with her daughter.

The relationship between Cher and her mother was always very close. Georgia, furthermore, was the artist’s guide in her musical steps. Like ‘The Goddess of Pop’, she was also one of the most acclaimed singers of her time. Holt began her career as a singer when she was barely 10 years old, she won beauty contests and participated in several television series. In the last years of her life, she wanted to separate herself from the media and rarely appeared with her daughter.

Georgia Holt and Cher in a file image.

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One of his last professional projects was carried out in 2013, when appeared by surprise in the feature film Dear Mom, Love Cherdevised by his famous daughter to tell her story and honor Holt’s work.

Beyond being remembered for all her professional successes, Georgia Holt will remain in the memory of her daughter and all those who followed her path for her courage and determination.

Born in 1926 in rural Arkansas on the brink of the Great Depression, the singer she was a strong and surviving woman capable of raising two daughters as an on-and-off single mother and struggling to make ends meet in 1950s America. He was married and divorced up to six times. Her first husband, Armenian-American John Sarkisian, was Cher’s father.

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