Singer Mitya Fomin: Coming to Baku, I really like to communicate with the people living there and bring home their warmth and love!

A new season of the music show “Just the same” has begun on Channel One. The project participants transform into world stars of the stage, strive to get into the image both in their voice and in the manner of performance. The task is very difficult, but interesting, it is recognized “Moscow-Baku” show participant, singer Mitya Fomin. In the first episode of the program, Mitya reincarnated as the British singer Robbie Williams. In an interview with Moscow-Baku, Mitya told how the preparations were going on behind the scenes of the show, whether he is ready to transform into the image of Muslim Magomayev and what plans he has regarding the ZHARA music festival.

-Mitya, what is the difficulty in parodying another star?

-The jury rejected the parody genre in every possible way, saying that the participants in the show must completely reincarnate. That is, literally feel like other people. It would be nice to talk live with someone you are reincarnating into, but someone is no longer alive, others live abroad, and someone has such a star status that they are simply not available. And there was catastrophically no time. I was sometimes overwhelmed by panic and horror, because the chosen hero does not work out. And the more it fails, the faster these same 3 minutes approached, in which you had the only chance to show yourself. There was no right for a mistake – no one would reshoot, change, or re-sound. All of the participants in our season have tremendous acting and stage experience, but they all unanimously said that excitement takes most of the energy. I had to cope with anxiety: I even drank a sedative, tried to do auto-training. But only established rehearsals help, and there are few of them.

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– Do the participants choose who to show?

– You could choose or offer something of your own, but our possibilities are not limitless. If you want to, you will not dance like Andris Liepa, and you will not play the organ like Johann Sebastian Bach. But there was a delta of choice, and your proposals either affirmed or gave something else. Makeup is another story. Even before the start of the project, we made impressions for the production of silicone masks. The next stage is artistic makeup. An entire dressing room is working on dyeing, painting wrinkles, putting on wigs, mustaches – a huge team is working to ensure that you perform and sound. Add classes with teachers, which always seemed to be insultingly few: Marina Polteva in vocals, Andrey Droznin in acting. Just an hour of classes for each look! Even working on your own songs, you sometimes spend … your whole life. And here it’s only an hour. I also studied additionally with my teachers at my own expense: Nina Savitskaya, with whom I have been working for many years, Victoria Kuzmina, who was a member of the Voice and toured for three years as part of the Leningrad rock group.

-Who is easier to parody – a man or a woman?

-It’s hard for everyone. If we are talking about the exact hit of an actor, this is painstaking work that is assembled from the smallest details, from facial expressions and gestures to subtle notes of voice. It was difficult for me to keep all this together and give it out at the same time. Sometimes I didn’t know what levers to press in order to “summon” another person. It is difficult for me to suppress my individuality, it is very valuable to me. And then, it’s a show! It should have an element of admiration, smile, irony, humor. But I was constrained by the need to accurately fit into the image. And in one of the programs they even criticized them to smithereens, accusing them of caricatures, which is an absolute lie – I treated each of my images with great reverence.

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-Which of the jury members do you think is the strictest?

– Of course, this is Maxim Averin. As a dramatic actor, he looks exactly at the acting component. At times he was very harsh, but his phrases made you think. And maybe something of his words really served as a new impetus for me.

-In previous shows “Just the same” very often the stars parodied the popularly beloved singer Muslim Magomayev. If you are asked to act in his image, will you agree?

– I can’t talk about the images yet, watch it on the air. But I can say that the image of Muslim Magomayev is a very complex number vocally, and he is very academic. I chose characters that are more relaxed, assertive, cocky. This is my vector.

-The show will end and the next stage will be performances already at festivals, such as “ZHARA” in Baku. Everyone hopes that it will take place this year. Are you planning to participate?

-I always come to visit Azerbaijan with pleasure. And the “ZHARA” festival and Emin Agalarov’s invitation to participate in it are especially fond memories. If this year everything is resolved and it will be possible to come, then of course. I would like to perform in Baku with new songs, and maybe even a solo concert.

– When you come to Baku for the festival, how do you spend time in the city?

– On my last visit, I traditionally walked around the Old Town, drank coffee, rode a bicycle, walked along the central streets, talked to people. As for souvenirs, I buy only small gifts in Baku for friends, and also for myself – new thimbles for a growing collection. And so I always bring warmth and love from Baku.

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– Are you making plans for 2021 or, according to last year’s experience, are you not planning anything concrete?

– I make plans, like many, I guess. I want to finish two repairs that I have in Moscow and Crimea, in an apartment on the sea. I want to sound this year with a new loud, catchy song. I want to successfully play the concert on March 21 in Moscow in the concert hall “Golden Ring”. Finally, the pandemic is coming to naught, hopefully we will even be allowed to plant a full hall. It will be an immersive concert, the audience will sit on the stage, part of the action will unfold in the hall. Tickets are on sale now, and I’m really looking forward to everyone. I want the world to finally get back on its feet and be healthy.


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