Ski Speedriding the Alaskan Mountains

The trailer for Red Bull’s latest action and extreme sports creation, The “Unrideables: The Alaskan Mountains” is spectacular, terrifying, and savage. As Red Bull says, “Barely ten years old, speedriding is a high-speed, high-stakes mountain sport that fuses elements of sliding and parachuting. This hybrid alpine approach gives its intrepid practitioners access to terrain that would otherwise be inaccessible. ”

The full film, due out next month, will show speedrider Jon DeVore and his crew mad as an attempt to imitate the mountain birds of Alaska, where Jeremy Jones has made one of the most incredible descents of his life. . Whether your opinion of these athletes bordering on fear, awe, disgust, or admiration, it is certain that the release of the film in January 2015 will be an event and a premiere …

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