Slipknot Bassist Knew His Tattoos Were Gonna Reveal His Identity

Slipknot bassist Alessandro “Vman” Venturella spoke about whether he had any conflicts if his tattoos revealed his identity despite the mask and suit he dons for the Iowa band.

“Oh no. There was no problem. It was funny, because I remember saying, ‘Should I put on some black tattoo gloves or something?’ They told me, ‘Ah… nobody will know.’ [Risas] And I was like, ‘Okay. I’ve worked for quite a few high profile bands. If I wasn’t a fan, it would be some technician or someone from another band saying, ‘Oh, that’s Vman.’ [Risas] ‘That’s Vman’s tattoo.’ I mean, once you’ve seen my tattoos, it’s pretty obvious who I am. There was also a good six month grace period in which I disappeared from the face of the planet. And I was getting messages. He couldn’t tell anyone what he was doing. I was like, ‘I’m out right now.’

Fuente: Heavy

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