Slipknot has an album ready to release in 2023

Less than a year after the release of ‘The End, So Far…’, the last album by those from Iowa with Roadrunner Records released in 2022, the news is back regarding new material from the masked nonet.

the percussionist of Slipknot, Shawn Crahan, has talked about it again unreleased disc that the band recorded in the studio sessions for ‘All Hope Is Gone’ in the first six months of 2008. According to the artist, plans are still on the table to release this experimental material with Corey on vocals, James Root on guitars, Shawn Crahan on percussion and Sid Wilson on turntables and 2023 could be the definitive year for its release.

Although the LP presumably titled ‘Look Outside Your Window’ was recorded by only four of the nine members of Slipknot and is an atypical rock experiment that has come to be compared to Radiohead, what can be glimpsed from the words of one of the leaders of the group is that it would also come out with the name of the band.

An experimental Slipknot album for 2023?

The alleged new Slipknot album in 2023 It would consist of 11 unpublished songs and would come out under the name of ‘Look Outside Your Window’as already mentioned in 2018. The album was devised during the breaks in the recording of ‘All Hope Is Gone’ and, in Crahan’s words, “it’s an incredible job with Corey sounding like he’s never done”, qualifying that it’s the best he’s composed in his life (certainly pretentious words coming from a member of Slipknotthat every time he brings new material he says exactly the same thing).

Crahan has continued his statements for the magazine Upset saying that he would not like ‘Look Outside Your Window’ to be a problem for the rest of Slipknot and that there is a good chance that it will come out this 2023 since they also end their contract with Roadrunner Records on April 1, 2023 (coinciding with with April Fools’ Day -the Anglo-Saxon equivalent of the Day of the Innocent Saints-)

In what could be seen as a contradiction to the group’s typical way of working when it comes to revealing details and giving clues, Shawn Crahan comments that “there are no plans to release anything right away, we haven’t talked about it, but probably It will arrive very soon and the wait will be worth it.

Years ago it was said that this new project more melodic and risky had nothing to do with Slipknot and also that if it were a problem for someone in the band or their circle it would never see the light of day, so once again everything is up in the air at least until the end of the day month of April and the hype returns from one of the Slipknot members. What is clear is that the album is ready for this year and that it could be released at practically any time.


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