Small asteroid will pass very close to Earth tonight | Present

A small space rock will pass extremely close to Earth tonight, even much closer than the distance at which television satellites orbit.

It is the asteroid 2021 GW4, a space rock 16.4 feet (about five meters) in diameter, discovered last April 8 by the 59-inch telescope of the Catalina Sky Survey, on Mount Lemmon, Arizona.

“It is considered a small asteroid without risk of impact,” clarified the Society for Astronomy of the Caribbean (SAC).

The educational entity indicated that although the closest approach will occur around 9:00 am tomorrow, it will be between 10:00 and 10:45 pm today when observers with telescopes will have a better chance of photographing it, since the asteroid would be ” skimming ”the Messier 95 galaxy in the constellation Leo, as seen from our perspective.

NASA calculations indicate that the space rock will approach only 12,313 miles from the Earth’s surface, which is equivalent to only 5% of the Earth-Moon distance. Asteroid 2021 GW4 is traveling at a speed of 18,706 miles per hour (30,104 kilometers per hour).

However, the SAC emphasized that there is no risk of impact while indicating that the passage of asteroids somewhat close to our planet is something that occurs more frequently than many think. “It is part of nature. As long as one of notable size with a dangerous trajectory is not detected, there is no reason to fear ”, he concluded.


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