Small-town Massachusetts police call for a truce with criminals during heatwave

While the heat wave also affects a large part of the eastern United States, the police station of Widow (Massachussetts) posted an announcement on its social networks on Friday against local criminals. The object? A proposed truce during the weekend, which promised to be particularly hot.

” The friends. Due to the extreme heat, we ask anyone interested in criminal activity to wait until Monday. (…) Carrying out criminal conduct in this heat (…) is very dangerous, ”said the post, published on the Facebook and Instagram pages of the Braintree Police Department. “Stay home, turn on the air conditioning, binge season 3 of stranger thingshave fun with FaceApp, practice karate in your basement. We will see each other again on Monday when it will be less hot, ”added the text, signed “The Popo”, which asked in postscript not to spoiler season 3 of Stranger Things.

An idea that has inspired other cities

Unfortunately, the post, which was shared hundreds of thousands of times on social media, eventually disappeared – as did the police station’s Facebook page. Although true, as the Braintree Police Department confirmed to CNN, local authorities may have ended up not wanting to assume it in the face of such popular success.

Conversely, those of the city of Malden, also in Massachusetts, which posted a similar announcement on Saturday, retained it. “It will be extremely hot this weekend. Malden Police recommend all criminals stay indoors until further notice. However, should you decide to disregard this sage advice, the Malden police officers are ready and staying hydrated to protect the great city of Malden,” the text reads. “We can leave you running around in the heat for a while as we get closer to you in a car with air conditioning and plenty of water, but we’ll get you!” Try to stay cool and in the pool,” he concludes.

Same scenario on Friday for the city of Park Forest, in the suburbs of Chicago, with an invitation also to chill on Netflix instead of committing crimes outside. Obviously, the instruction was heard since the police station subsequently posted photos of its officers taking advantage of the ambient tranquility:

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