Smoking kills: since the New Year in Novosibirsk there have been more than 60 fires. There are victims – Novosibirsk News

Photo: Smoking kills: more than 60 fires have occurred in Novosibirsk since New Year. There are dead

Defective stoves, electric heaters and unfired cigarettes are sources of ignition.

In the first days of 2021, 69 fires occurred in Novosibirsk, in which two people died and one was injured. According to the Department of Emergency Situations of the Novosibirsk Mayor’s Office, the total number of fires, compared to last year, increased by 11%. At the same time, the number of fires in residential premises increased by more than 60%.

Despite the New Year’s holidays and the citizens’ love for fireworks, the causes of the fires remained the same: faulty wiring, stove heating and smoking in bed.

Rescuers complain about the irresponsible attitude of people to handling fire and urge to be more attentive to the state of the furnace equipment and electrical wiring. Experts remind that young children should not be left unattended near fire sources.

A large family asks for urgent help after a terrible fire near Novosibirsk

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