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A meeting of the Expert Club of the region was held in the regional center at Smolensk State University.

Its participants discussed the initiative of Marina Proskurnina, a member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, a member of the Public Chamber of the Smolensk Region, to conduct a series of Lessons of Courage “The feat of the Young Guard through the eyes of children” in educational organizations.

“The Expert Club is the platform where experts express their opinion on various issues of the regional and federal agenda. Any active citizen can become a member of the Expert Club”, – explained Maryna Proskurnina.

She also noted that today in society there is a request for dialogue with the authorities. The expert club is able to take on the task of informing the population about the actions of the authorities, as well as evaluate these actions.

Photo: © Alena Shashkina

The event was attended by representatives of regional and municipal authorities in the field of education, employees of educational organizations responsible for educational work, employees of cultural organizations, members of the Public Chamber of the Smolensk Region and the Expert Club of the Region, and journalists.

The event was held as part of a public initiative of the regional Public Chamber to build interaction with public structures of the Luhansk People’s Republic with the aim of patriotic education of youth.

During the meeting of the Expert Club, students of the Krasninskaya secondary school presented a version of the Lesson of Courage, which is dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the creation and heroism of the underground anti-fascist Komsomol organization Young Guard.

The lesson of courage “The feat of the Young Guard through the eyes of children” was developed and prepared by the students of the Krasninskaya secondary school under the guidance of the teacher of Russian language and literature Elena Novikova.

“Letters from Elena Nikolaevna Koshevoy (mother of the young guard Oleg Koshevoy) came into my hands. In the future, I was offered to work with these letters, I immediately responded to this, – said the teacher. – When I read the letters for the first time, it was very difficult to restrain myself. Indeed, all this touches the depths of the soul.

Member of the Public Chamber of the Smolensk region Petr Dobrov expressed his opinion about the Lesson of Courage he saw:

“I am a countryman of all these wonderful guys who gave their lives for their Motherland. Earlier, while living in the city of Rovenki, of course, we visited those places where the young guards were tortured. By their example, we have learned to love and defend our Motherland, we must not forget about the feat of the Young Guards.”

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Also, Olga Margolina, a member of the Public Chamber of the Smolensk Region, believes that the story of the Young Guard should find a response in the hearts of young people.

“I hope that the plan to conduct a series of Lessons of Courage in educational institutions in our region will definitely be implemented,” she stressed.

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In addition, a member of the Public Chamber of the Smolensk region, the rector of Smolensk State University Mikhail Artemenkov noted that the feat of the Young Guards is an important page in our heroic past, an example of true courage, which the younger generation should be guided by:

“I think that this lesson will give rise to a whole series of classes, in which representatives of the Public Chamber will take part. I believe that such an initiative will be supported by the public.”

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At the end of the event, it became known that the Lesson of Courage “The Feat of the Young Guard through the Eyes of Children” is planned to be held in all educational organizations of the region at the end of December.

Recall that the “Young Guard” is a Soviet underground anti-fascist Komsomol youth organization of boys and girls that operated during the Great Patriotic War from September 1942 to January 1943 in the city of Krasnodon, in the villages of Pervomaika, Krasnodon, Atamanovka, Izvarino, Voroshilovgrad region of the Ukrainian SSR (in present Luhansk People’s Republic).

The “Young Guard” consisted of 47 boys and 24 girls. The youngest was 14 years old, and 55 of them never turned 19. The members of the headquarters were Georgy Arutyunyants – responsible for information, Ivan Zemnukhov – chief of staff, Oleg Koshevoy – responsible for security, Vasily Levashov – commander of the central group, Sergey Tyulenin – battle group commander. Later, Ulyana Gromova and Lyubov Shevtsova were brought into the headquarters.

During the period of its activity, the Young Guard published and distributed in Krasnodon more than 5,000 anti-fascist leaflets with data on the real state of affairs at the front and calls on the population to rise in a merciless fight against the German invaders. Along with the underground communists, members of the organization participated in sabotage in the electromechanical workshops of the city.

The Young Guards were also preparing to organize an armed uprising in Krasnodon in order to defeat the German garrison and join the advancing units of the Red Army. However, shortly before the planned uprising, the organization was uncovered.

As a result, the main part of the Young Guard was shot, their bodies were thrown into the pit of an abandoned mine. The rest of those arrested were executed in the Thundering Forest. Members of the headquarters were posthumously awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union.

Photo: © Alena Shashkina

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