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Dear parents, this article is for you. We invite you to explore our new app for Mobiles & Tablets. And we are by your side today, here, to introduce you to the whole world of our new application – which as you will see is big!!! Let’s start with the very basics. In the application we have educational material for 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th grade students. Learning materials loved by our teachers and children, i.e. Quizzes, Videos & (NEW) Worksheets. The educational material of our application is multiple times that of our website and is divided into 2 central categories: 1. The free material and 2. The material to which a subscription of 9.90 euros/month is needed in order for the children to have access. We don’t want you to misunderstand us! We don’t do it for profit, but like any living organism, Mundzoura has expenses and many many obligations. As long as our obligations are covered, we will fight for our little friends so that they have the best educational material you will find online!!! Having said the basics, let’s move on to the most essential. In the application, mom or dad makes a profile from their mobile phone or tablet, that is, the student does not make a profile directly, as we assume (and hope!!!) that students of these ages do not have their own mobile phones. So after mom or dad has downloaded the app and created their profile, it’s time to add the kids’ profiles. For obvious reasons (GDPR) we do not ask for information from the children, nor do we record it anywhere. When the profile of one, two or more children is created, then from the menu > “Children” we select each time the student who wants to play, go to his profile and press the “Let’s play” button. The application will automatically take us to the home page and will have pre-selected the “Class” (A or B Primary etc) of the child who wishes to play, and will only display material from that class. On the home page and in the menu below you can very easily search for the material of each class of your child (We must not forget that we must go to the child’s profile and press “Let’s play” to see the corresponding material of the student’s class !!!) and make our little friends enjoy learning in the most playful way. If you think we’re done, hold on a little longer, because now comes the best! Through the Mundzoura application (and only through the application, i.e. not through the website!) there is the possibility to connect each student with their teachers. And I know you all will be asking me, “Why connect with the teacher?”. I will answer you, before you ask me: When a teacher has connected with a student, then he can send him educational material with assignment of task (Homework) exclusively through Mundzura. So when the teacher finds from the application on his mobile e.g. a Quiz that is suitable for your child, will select your child from their list of students and assign them the “Quiz”. At that moment, a notification will automatically arrive on your mobile phone: “You have a new assignment: Quiz #450…” Opening the notification (Push notification) automatically goes to the student’s “Tasks” and puts him in the appropriate environment to play the Quiz. When the child finishes the Quiz, a corresponding notification appears on the teacher’s mobile phone: “The student has completed his tasks, enter to see his results!” And as you figured out yourself, when the teacher opens the notification, it takes him to an environment and sees the student’s results!!! Let’s now see how to connect with the teacher, which is very simple. When the parent creates a profile for one of their children, a 6-digit code is automatically created by Mundzoura that is permanently present in the child’s “Profile”. All you have to do is share (verbally, by phone, by text) this code to the teacher and he will in turn send you a “Login Request”. You will have to accept this request of course, but there will be a proper notification about it, and it will explain how you will accept it. This article is over, but learning in the playful way of Mundzoura has just begun and that’s why we encourage you to recommend the application to your children’s teachers and tell us the impressions of our little friends with a Review on Facebook & Google! It is very important for us!!! Thank you for your love and support!

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