So far in December, Arizona registers more than 170,000 infections with coronavirus | Univision News Shows

Hispanics infected.

as Oscar Ómez tells us in

tucson, arizona.

reporter: the coronavirus does not give

Hispanics truce in Arizona.

they knew they were

a daughter returning from

military service had to

separate it, with bags of

plastics to avoid

infect it.

>> we made an capsule of

plastic at the entrance to the


he was going to have dinner with us

reporter: could never hug

his daughter despite having several

months without seeing her.

family reunions are the

worst source of infection.

is that the numbers do not lie.

so far this month which of

December in Arizona is

recorded those of 170,000


>> live your bubble of

ignorance know that they prolong

the pandemic.

you are guilty.

reporter: this Hispanic says

who took care not to

get infected when your daughter


the virus began to spread 16

family members are

got sick.

including her husband who is

debate between life and


>> does not improve, his body does not

answer back.

they induce him into a coma.

was connected to a

reporter: worst of the virus

is to come.

you have to keep

recommendations to prevent

that relatives get infected.

>> now we cannot lower the

guard, right?

because if we do that there will be a

sprout large wings.

reporter: the situation is

complicated because hospitals don’t

when they get to receive

treatment wait until 17

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