Solde, from being ‘marginalized’ from La Masía to scoring a hat-trick against Barça

Alicante, Spain.

The Barcelona qualified for the round of 16 of the Copa del Rey by winning 3-4 at the Rico Pérez stadium in Alicante against a heroic Intercitywhich came to tie up to three times with a hat-trick by Oriol Soldevilla.

But, the footballer of the third division team of spain he caught the attention of the fans after scoring a hat-trick for the team he was with in the juniors.

Solde, is one of the many players who could not achieve success in the quarry of the Barcelona. The ‘Farmhouse’ never gave him the opportunity to be in the first team.

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The 21-year-old footballer lost hope with the culé team and after being part of the selection of spain under-18 decided to opt for an opportunity in England and sign for the Birmingham of the Premier League, where he could not make his debut in the first team either.

Finally, the player left the team and in this summer of transfers he signed with Intercity and luckily he was paired in the Copa del Rey with the team that saw him grow up in La `Masía’.

The Barcelona they never expected that the midfielder from their academy would score a hat-trick that would put them at risk of elimination and that led them to extra time.

“I’ve been culé since I was born and put a hat-trick al Barça It’s a dream,” he said. Pay after finishing the game and added “it was a game that suffered a lot, but what I have experienced here has been something incredible”.

Surely, the player will receive offers after his presentation against the culé team. It currently has a market value of 100,000 euros.

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