Some reasons why I hate brunch

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Actually, I never liked brunch. I’ve kept that a secret until now. Now I’m old enough and can finally admit my feelings. In this rant, I’ll explain why I think brunch is overrated.

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Juliet Baur

The brunch. During this time of year he lurks on every corner. Actually, the people around me always want to have brunch. Brunch has become a popular pastime and weekend activity.

It doesn’t matter when a brunch is about to start: For me it always comes at the wrong time. i hate brunch Now it is out. Just the word. Brunch. The name is completely arbitrary. A neologism of “breakfast” and “lunch”.

Don’t get me wrong, I like to feast. Sometimes one could even speak of gluttony. But brunch has something unrelaxing about it for me.

This rant at the beginning of the year is not about the cozy «Zmörgele» at home. It’s about the ritual visit to a restaurant on Saturday or Sunday morning, where you fight with what feels like 300 other sleepless people for the attention of the waiter or the best place at the buffet.

The question of time

There are various challenges before and during brunch. The first sticking point is before the actual brunch. In which restaurant can you still reserve a table? It feels like every city dweller loves brunch. And the people from the agglomeration too. Depending on the season, it is almost impossible to get a seat if you don’t make a reservation months in advance.

When you’ve finally found a place that doesn’t have a table for the rank and file, the next problem arises. When is the ideal time to get together for brunch? Apparently, opinions differ. 10 O `clock? 11 clock? Or only 12:30 p.m.?

The question of time brings with it another problem. Depending on the situation, the hunger is already there before you even get on the tram or bus. I would prefer to eat something small. But that’s not possible, because then the thought plagues me that I must be hungry because I have to pay at least 50 francs for the brunch buffet in the city.

A tightrope act.

Most of the time I don’t eat anything, but drink three coffees. Then the feeling of hunger in the stomach is overruled by sluggishness. Not the best way, but until now I haven’t found a more convincing alternative.

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The brunch buffets can be overwhelming.gif: giphy

Exorbitant prices in town

The horrendous price of around 50 francs for the brunch brings me to the next point. I’m not a stingy person. But my stomach immediately puts up a stop sign when I want to enjoy the delicacies from the buffet. I’m not a breakfast person anyway. Even less at the weekend: In some inexplicable way, my stomach stops working in the morning. Two slices of bread and some scrambled eggs are always included. Then layer is in the shaft.

My brain then switches to calculation mode: “50 francs … So for this money you should have at least one croissant, two spoonfuls of Bircher muesli, three eggs, four pancakes, a wholemeal roll, two slices of salmon, 40 grams of Camembert, two slices of Gruyère and a piece of eat homemade apple tart. Otherwise you’ll make a brutal minus.”

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I consider it an art to really hit the buffet for 50 francs.Gif: giphy

I then stand calmly at the buffet, but my stomach and my brain are in a crisis that almost has repercussions on an international level. Most of the time I let my stomach win. This is usually the less risky option. If the stomach wins with its warnings, I’ll be hungry again two hours after the 50-franc brunch. You win some, you lose some.

I’ll be honest with you: It also happens that I indulge in gluttony and want to get the 50 francs out. My friends always do the same to me. Then we all sit in this bar and imagine how nice it would be to sit on the sofa at home with our full bellies.

But nobody says that.

It is uncertain when the brunch will end. Will it ever end? You don’t have this problem when you have dinner with friends. Eventually you get tired and everyone goes to bed. After brunch, everyone is tired and longing for a nap, but it’s only afternoon.

These are the reasons I don’t like brunch. Some of you will be able to identify with me and are happy about the rant. Others just love getting up early on the weekends and sitting for hours in crowded and overpriced restaurants. This is good.

Just like that: Vegetables and fruits can be grilled perfectly!

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Just like that: Vegetables and fruits can be grilled perfectly!

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Pancake spaghetti … apparently there is. On Tiktok. OK, let’s try!

Video: watson

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