some universities and schools are reinstating the wearing of a mandatory mask indoors

United States: some universities and schools are reinstating the wearing of mandatory masks indoors

As the number of new coronavirus cases is on the rise in the United States, some universities and public schools have reinstated the requirement to wear masks indoors on their campuses, a sign suggesting that the end of the pandemic will not is not yet in sight, according to a report by the New York Times recently published.

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Students wearing masks in a class in Miami, USA.

The University of Hawaii extended this obligation on its ten campuses on Wednesday May 25, making it mandatory to wear a mask in all enclosed spaces except when working alone or when social distancing is possible.

The university underscored the need to take this action because the state is now almost entirely categorized as high risk for community transmission under Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines.

The University of Delaware, citing rising new reported cases and hospitalizations in Delaware and across the country, also announced that mask-wearing would once again be mandatory in all enclosed spaces.

Some public schools have adopted similar measures this week to restore the wearing of masks indoors, including two in Rhode Island, those of Providence and Central Falls.

Both are located in a county recently classified as high risk. Philadelphia schools restored the mask requirement Monday, May 23. City officials had tried to do the same for other public establishments in April, but they had to reverse this measure after four days, according to this report.


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