Someone engraved “TRUMP” on the back of a living manatee

by Adrien Vlahovic | January 12, 2021

A manatee with the name “Trump” engraved on the back was found in the Homosassa River in Florida over the weekend. Following the revelation of the images, the authorities opened an investigation into this disturbing mutilation of an endangered animal, reported the New York Times this January 11.

This slow-blooded, warm-blooded mammal seeks refuge along the coastline of Citrus County, Florida, making them accessible to swimmers and boaters. But the animal is protected by the endangered species law, which did not seem to bother the attacker. For marine biologists, it is difficult to assess the damage to the Indian manatee using only the images in the video.

« It’s a bit difficult to see the extent of the damage done on the video Ruth Carmichael, professor of marine science at the University of South Alabama, said in an email. But for her, this in no way lessens the seriousness of the attack: ” It is an assault despite everything. If the scratch has penetrated the skin, it has likely caused pain and stress for the manatee. These animals have sensory nerves and hairs under the skin. In addition, open wounds could become infected. »

In the United States, any harassment of a protected species is equivalent to an offense punishable by a fine of 100,000 dollars (82,000 euros) and one year in prison. While it is still unclear when or how the manatee was mutilated – or whether the ongoing investigation has shed any leads on the perpetrators – the images of the animal have sparked outrage wherever they appear. were broadcast.

Source : The New York Times


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