Spaniards hallucinate with the things they throw away in Florida

Sebastian and Nuria, a couple from youtubers Spaniards who moved to Floridathey were shocked at the good condition of many objects that are thrown away in some areas of that North American state.

“The things they throw away in the United States. You won’t believe it!”presented the influencers on your channel Instagram SN Challenge the first of three videos in which they showed their astonishment for the aforementioned reason.

Los youtubers They left examples of how in a neighborhood in Florida -whose name they did not specify- you can find washing machines, vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, bicycles, furniture and all kinds of objects, In very good condition in most cases.

“This little seat is better than the one I have, I’ll take it with me,” said the Spanish woman before a black baby carriage.

The Spaniards reacted with shock, moreover, to the fact that everything that is not collected by the people is removed by a truck with a built-in shredding machine, which leads to heavy ovens.

The Spanish couple, who moved to Florida in August, have been sharing several videos in recent months related to their new life experience on US soil.

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