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The Administrative Court of Sport (TAD) has confirmed the sanction to the Pole Robert LewandowskiBarcelona striker, three-game suspension imposed by the Competition Committee of the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) and upheld on appeal.

The body ruled on the merits of the matter by denying the request of the Barcelona after an ordinary judge decided, on December 29, to grant the precautionary suspension of the sanction until this event occurred, application who already denied in his day the TADdetermination that allowed the Pole to play the league derby against Espanyol on the 31st.

This decision adopted by the TAD this Wednesday would force Lewandowski to miss the next matches; the first of them, against Atlético de Madrid on the sixteenth day of La Liga Santander.

“The proper thing in procedural law is that the precautionary measure is without effect when the resolution falls on the merits. But given the literal wording of the order, Barsa could understand that he does not need to request the precautionary measure again, but simply file the appeal against the new resolution ”, indica iusport, who understands that “The club should request the precautionary measure again since today’s resolution exhausts administrative channels and is executive. And the judge has not ruled on this yet.

Lewandowski was punished with three games after being sent off in the match against Osasuna, played the last day before the Qatar World Cup 2022, by the collegiate Jesus Gil Manzano, and then he made an apparent gesture of disregard before retiring from the grass that the referee recorded in his Minutes.

The allegations of Barcelona They were not addressed by the federative committees and the appeal before the TAD did not prosper either, already in December, which denied the precautionary suspension of the sanctioncircumstance that yes prosperous before the contentious judge.

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