Sports practice is strengthened and massified in Mariño-Aragua

Practicing sports together with healthy eating is one of the fundamental pillars for leading a healthy life, which is why, since the administration of Mayor Joana Sánchez, the Municipal Institute for Sports in Mariño (Inademar) has not stopped carrying out activities of mass sports that benefit the Mariñense population.

In this sense, the president of the municipal sports entity, Carlos España, announced that so far in September, this sports institute has carried out training and recreation workshops for children, youth and adults, care for the elderly of the parish Samán de Güere every day and psychoyoga classes, this as part of the physical activity program.

While, through the Sport for All program, they have carried out activities such as the First Women’s Meeting of the Peace Quadrants in the kickinball discipline at Upel-El Mácaro, with the participation of the Crime Prevention Directorate and the Police Institute Municipal, in addition to the “Judenacom 2022” games, on the Pancho Pepe Cróquer fields, field and gym on April 19 and Río Seco.

During this same activity, they delivered sports materials on behalf of the mayor Joana Sánchez and the governor Karina Carpio and finally, they carried out the first “13K Ecotourism Polvorín 2022 Cycling” ride.


Source: Marino Press

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